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I know I have brought this up before looking for remedies, but I am just curious if a lot of you are plagued with constant fever. It has been an ongoing issue for me since early December, and I am getting really frustrated with it. I almost never go a day without it. My doctor calls it tumor-induced fever. Is this very common?

Thanks, Michelle

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Hi Michelle,

I belong to another colon cancer board (supportpath yahoo) and someone there whose husband has these fevers was told there is a drug called Indocin 75SR that is suppose to help. You may want to ask your doctor about it. Hope this helps.


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I can't recall if you have liver involvement, but my oncologist said they are common in that case.


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Bradka, I have tried Indocin and it didn't help too much. So we went the next step to Decadron (steroid). It did help for a while but eventually the side effects of the steroid were so bad that I wanted off of them. I have been off now for about 3 weeks and the fever returned almost immediately. Fortunately, it is not quite as bad as it was before, but I usually have to take Advil and/or Tylenol once a day for it.

Kris, I do have liver involvement, and my onc has also told me that fever is a common symptom when tumors are in the liver.

I guess it sounds like I have exhausted the remedies and will just have to deal with it. I just wondered how long it might last given others' experiences with it. My onc does say that as we shrink the tumors, the fevers should get better, and I guess maybe that is why they are not as bad as before I took the steroids. But they are frustrating nonetheless. They make me SO TIRED!!

Thank you both so much for your replies. Hope you had a Happy Easter!!


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