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teen -- childhood cancer survivor

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hi, my name is elana, i'm new here.. i was diagnosed w/leukemia when i was 11 and i finished treatment when i was 14. i don't have any other friends really who have had cancer.. it's difficult sometimes to relate to other kids when i've been through something that they are clueless about. i would like talking to any other kids about how they deal and grow up, and what it's like trying to be a regular teenager as a childhood cancer survivor.
thank you! <3

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Being a teen is hard enough but when you add in being a cancer survivor it becames extremely difficult. People who haven't been though what we have don't see the problem but its there plain as day. Its something that us survivors have to face everyday. The person who says that the journey ends at the last treatment should be shot. The cancer journey doesn't end till the day you die. You aren't abnormal for not feeling normal.

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thanks for understanding.. anyone else have any stories or revelations about this? it's just sometimes it seems really difficult, i think relating w/other ppl.
btw, i forgot to mention i'm 17 now and i finished treatment when i was 14. just wanted to add that. please respond- THANK YOU.
oh and 1 more thing- related... sometimes if i'm feeling low i almost say "this is the worst day EVER" and then i try to put it in perspective. so helpful. b/c really, just b/c i'm in a fight w/a friend or i did bad on a test, my life is still good..

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Hi, sorry it took me so long to respond, I must have missed your post. I'm Jason and I'm 19 now. I'm usually around here in chat, so if you ever want to talk, email or look in chat.

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hi im new ans i read ur message. i just thought u sounded nice and today i just needed to talk to someone who understood. i don't have cancer but i fought the awful battle along side my mom. she was my best friend and it was so hard to see her go through the pain. she fought for 8 months so beautifully but she passed away 4 months ago. i miss her so much!!!! i admire everythin u must have gone through. this is so weird of me but i just needed to talk to someone even if ur not there!!! thank u 4 ur time! ashley

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