mom's treatment plan

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hi everyone,
i hope all is well. the docs have set up the action plan for my mom. on april 19th, she'll be starting 5 wks of radiation & chemo then a rest period then surgery sometime in july then follow up chemo. knowing she's starting treatment may ease my mind a bit. the battle to beat the cancer will soon begin and i'm feeling very positive that it'll be a success. i wanted to wish you all a happy easter and know that i've been praying for all of you since i've been a regular at church these days.
sending you all my best!!


p.s. i did my personal web page - check it out.

i'll put a picture of me & my mom soon.
maybe this weekend :)


  • kerry
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    Hi Julie,

    Let us know how your mother is doing on her treatment. You are a wonderful daughter, but then again your mother must be wonderful too. I also have two daughters, ages 23 and 25 who have been so supportive and wonderful to me through my stage 111 cancer diagnosis. That was 15 months ago and 6 months of chemo. I am feeling great right now and I am sure your mom will be back to feeling really good very soon. Please let me know how you are doing. This is a great family of survivors and we all care very about every one else. Take care and we all look forward to seeing that picture of you and your MOM on your website!

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    Ahoy, Julie -

    Sounds like a great plan and I'm keeping my broadsword sharp to lend a hand slaying the dragon if you should need it!

    God bless

    - SpongeBob