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familial cancer

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I recently underwent surgery for a oligodendrioma
(brain cancer) and on Chemo. My brother also had brain cancer (10 years) ago. Does anyone have good references as to familial links to brain cancer? My neurosurgeon says there is no data for this type of cancer, but the chance of this occuring environmentally is unlikely.

Any response appreciated.

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In 1954 my great grandfather had a malignant brain tumor, and then he died on the operating table to remove it, of course that was many years ago.
In May 2002 I was diagnosed with oligodendroglioma. they say its not inherited, but it seems to me some cells must be inherited.

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Hi my name is Karrielinn. I have a malignant brain stem glioma(sp)astrocytoma in remission for almost 15 years now. I believe genetics does play a role with regards to causes of cancer, but so do environmental factors (which in a family may mimick genetical factors). Neither are at the moment fully understood, If your state that your health insurance is in as well as you has laws to protect you and your privacy with genetic testing then I would inquire about genetical counsel. But it may at present be of limited value, it will also no doubt be expensive as most insurances do not cover the testing. The research is still very limited my sisters daughter was just diagnosed with a brain stem tumor and someone on my grandfathers side had one before me. So I too question what is environmental vs genetics. I wish you both the best and remember to keep your spirits up.

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My family is being studied by Dr. Marshall Horwitz at Medical Genetics, Univ of Wash Med Cntr, Seattle, because my older brother died of a glioblastoma multiforme, my younger brother and sister have oligodendrogliomas (diagnosed 6.5 yrs ago and 2.5 years ago), and my daughter has brain lymphoma. I'm pretty sure Dr. Horwitz would be interested in your family history of brain cancer. His email: horwitz@u.washington.edu

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I am beginning to wonder about our family tree in that we lost a son at seven years of age to neuroblastoma and now my siste-in-law (my husband's sister) has glioblastoma. Do you know of any relation between the two?



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Hi! I am sorry to hear about your family. My dad died of brain cancer when I was eight. If you want to talk about it e-mail me at buggirl9@AOL.com I am a really good listener

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