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We got the bad news last week, that my father has lung cancer that has spread to his liver. My step-mother is being pushy and over protective. I have come to terms with his cancer and possiblely losing him. But she says he is starting chemo monday, but I am not sure he has any say in this. She is keeping him over medicated. She is a Nurse Practisioner(SP) and thinks she know how to take care of this. That is not the case. I care for my partner who is terminal with liver disease and I have seen what happens when a person with a bad liver is over medicated. The pain meds my step mother has my father on is building up in his liver and can not be moved out of his body fast enough. SO he is loopy all the time and very shaky and falls. I am going to talk to his chemo nurse and see if we can get this nipped in the bud NOW. Any ideas out there?


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    yes go see a judge ASAP. The same thing happen to us , thank god mom still had her witts. Run RUN . Look don't let a step anything stand in the way of your dad his wishes and for God sakes his treatment. My grandfather lived 7 years after they told him he had lung cancer. We just lost mom her boyfriend walk with everything she ever work for . When she met him he had nothing but a bag of clothes, no job .\, no car and the law was looking for him for back suport. Email me and keep me up dated [email protected] May God bless your dad and you. I will pray
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    My father lost his battle on Wed April 7th. Thank you for all your help. I emailed you.
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    decko2 said:

    My father lost his battle on Wed April 7th. Thank you for all your help. I emailed you.

    I am so sorry for both of you. Take care.