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Test Results In and Read

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Well, as some of you may recall reading my postings, my hubby Hunt, stage 4 colon cancer has had treatments for one year now. CT scan last week, those 55 continuous hours of chemo " nothing" except (Praise the Lord) the cancer did not progress, but the spot (very larger) is still on the liver, the small spots have resolved. So, now we start another round of chemo tomorrow. How much more can a body take? He is so strong and positive. When I cry, which I think is ok, he says..... come on babe, I not going anywhere, I am going to live, laugh and enjoy everyday. We just lost a friend to ovarian cancer yesterday, so I believe that is why I am so down today. You wonderful people who are suffering with cancer are so much stronger than us caregivers. You are so brave, you take your medicine (whatever it is) and continue on with life. You laugh and are so grateful for another day, and that is how my husband is. Our onc. says most likely he will be on treatment the rest of his life. And he tells her to stock pile the medicine, because he is going to be here a long time. I read each and every posting and really get encouragement from this site. May God send blessing on each of you. You know sometimes I get very angry that this disease has entered our lives, but the lessons about life that cancer has taught me I could never learn in a classroom. I have never met any of you, but reading your web pages and your posting, I feel as if I know you. Well I have rumbled on long enough, we are going to try different treatments starting Monday, so I probably won't do any postings for a while, but believe me I look forward to these posting and I will read your postings. Loving thoughts and hugs, Yvonne

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Yvonne, Your husband sounds so strong and positive, and the results are encouraging.
I have a young friend (33) who was diagnosed with large diffuse cancerous lung mass, with mets to 3 small sites in brain. She was given the option of "palliative care" by her first onc, and went into treatment with another, thank god. She competed 1 yr of chemo 3 months ago, all tumors were GONE and her 3 month scans are clear.
Hang in there, I think it can be harder on the caregiver. You will both be in my thoughts, Judy

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Hi Yvonne,

Sounds like you & Hunt are getting great support off each other, and that is really important. I think caregivers sometimes might feel guilty when they begin to feel overwhelmed, as their loved ones get the actual treatments. In time, though, it will get easier, and everything will turn out the way intended.

I'll keep all my positive energy flowing your way...don't worry, there's plenty for everyone!


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My thoughts and prayers are with you. My husband too has stage III rectal cancer. I still can't believe it. He is so strong and says "don't worry about it" I go in the other room and cry, not wanting him to see me. He has 3 more months of chemo. I'm scared for when he gets off chemo, what will happen then??? I can only pray everything will be ok.

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I can relate to you so much. My husband has Stage 111 with mets to lymph nodes. He is nearing the end of his chemo and I am getting more and more scared instead of being excited! So many of these cancers seem to either spread during treatment or recur sometime after. I feel that at least while he is getting the chemo, the cancer cells are being zapped, but when he stops...what then? I know we have to be positive but it is hard to be all the time.

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Dear Yvonne
I read and re-read your posting. I came to this site about a week ago, and in such a short time I cannot believe how much I've learned not only about illness, but also about compassion. I try to peek in as often as I can sometimes for reasons that I can't even explain....it just plain helps! Your husband sounds like one very terrific guy and I hope he'll be around for many many years. I don't know how he feels, but I do know how you feel, and I know somedays are better than others. We may all be strangers, but it sure feels like a close-knit family to me. Best of luck and health to you and Hunt!!

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One more thing....
I just noticed that your posting came in on 04/04/04 at 04:04 PM
Oh wow!!

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