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I am new to the sight & I was looking through the old posts and I saw something about DVT and ovca being related? WOW! I am 29 years old I suffered from a pulmonary embolism when I was 25 and 27 after my pe I being having problems with my cycle. I bled for two years straight. Doc thought I had adenomyosis and I had an endometrial ablation. Since then I have had various problems(ranging from weight gain, acid reflux, abdominal pain, back pain,fatigue). I always thought it was just being over worked. Recently I went to the doctor and he told me I have a cyst that needs to be removed because of it's size but he does not want to remove it until he is sure that it may be cancer. He gave me several test including CA125( it was 13). Then he tells me to wait for four months. I AM SCARED! I don't want to seem like I WANT cancer, but I don't want to wait and harm myself.Sorry I just wanted to vent.Thanks for listening.

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I was having the same symptoms as you(acid reflux, weight gain. also bloating and gas) Thought it was my age,42, and due to peri-menopause. Last fall, I was out raking leaves and slipped on a wet tree root. I quickly got up hoping nobody saw me. Later that night I woke up in more pain than I ever had. Lower back pain, pressure on rectum(like labor), nausea, major bloat. Long story short. After about 5 hours at ER, a CT scan was done. They found a 10cm mass on left ovary. Went to gyn next day "Gotta have surgery" OK, take it all out. The mass was 19cm by 15cm by 10cm when they took it out. My CA125 was 36.5. Gyn thought it was LMP or borderline. On closer inspection I was 1st stage ovca. I've finished 4 of my 6 chemo treatments. I'm so thankful it was found. Knowing what I know now about ovca, I should have gone to the DR. sooner.
About CA125's they are not perfect.My gyn/onc told me anyone could have the test done every hour in a day and have 24 different numbers.
BTW I had my yearly in July 03, DR said everything was fine. It was Nov 03 when they found the mass. I'd go see another DR if I were you. Let us know what's going on. Another good web-site is Hyster Sisters. They have a cancer concerns forum.

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Dear nycgirl,

I replied to your earlier post and suggested that you see a new doctor! Don't wait. I recommend seeing a gynecological oncologist. Are you in NYC? I am and am treated by fabulous drs in the Gynecological Oncologist practice at Mt. Sinai Hospital. They are tops in the field. I was dx at Stage 1 because my obgyn refused to wait. I had normal tests otherwise, but during surgery, ovca was found. I am so thankful it was caught early. I will celebrate 3 years cancer free next week!

You are right to be concerned, but don't get ahead of yourself. Don't panic, but don't wait it out for 4 months. Your gut it telling you not to so listen to it.

You can Email me privately if you wish here on the acscsn site or at pshnyc@rcn.com.

Take care,


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dont wait.I had acyst that wrapped around my ovary. Thats how they found my cancer.

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I'm glad you came back to say you had the P.E.! I'm certainly not the only one on this site who had a P.E. before discovering "real" trouble (although an embolism is nothing to be unconcerned about!). Does the doctor who wants you to wait four months know about the P.E.? Get a second opinion, and do a Google search with DVT and cancer and see what you find to see how much is written about it, or even use the "Search" box above on this page. Again, the CA-125 test is just not a good indicator of lower stage cancers-there is a number of things like liver trouble that can make it come back elevated.

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