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"puta thief!"

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Hi again guys-'tis me!
Hullo to Monika/Bert, Bud,Bob,Emily,Kris,Judy,Andrea,Aspaysia,Kerry-and to all those my chemo brain eludes me.Also a big hi and welcome to all our new friends here.

Can't stay long again as I have begged/borrowed, stolen this puta for a minute--he he!
Am now in sunny Queensland and loving the weather--28 deg(f) every day and perfect in the shade--no-one here knows what a sweater looks like!Humidity is around 60%.
We have a week here 'til next tuesday then turn for home-will take 7-10 days to ride the almost 3,000 ks home.
Hope all yu guys don't mind me takin up space here to keep yu all informed.
My health is not too bad but the long ride has taken it's toll--getting very tired each day but hangin in there to see tha sites.
Can look out over the briny to yah Spongebob--all the way 'cross the Great Barrier Reef.
Hey , Emily--sent yu a mail but if yu reply don't try my home addy as I won't get it 4 about 2 weeks.Am gunna try to get back here in the next few days.
Monika--yu givin Bert typin lessons yet?---he he.
Bud---sendin yah some sunshine mate!

All yu new guys hang out 4 kanga.When I get home I hope to meet yu all.

Sending yu all a "rainbow" and "thoughts"
be as well as can be expected and stay "orf" tha sugar!!!!!!!!
luv n huggs kanga n Jen
ps. gunna steal a minute more or 2 to reply to others in discussion--then ah better get off this thing!

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Ahoy, Kanga & Jen -

Thanks for the note from the road! So glad you are having an excellent adventure.

Have fun and be safe.

Best regards

- SB

Anonymous user (not verified)

Kanga, Jen....so glad you are having such a good time! Off to Europe ourselves in early May (Good Lord Willing, Creek Don't Rise, and S _ _ T Don't Hit The Fan Along The Way!!!!)

Kanga, he ain't gonna type no matter how I try...it's just not his thing...man of zero patience.

Take care you two.

Love, hugs, and all the sugary sweet stuff,
Monika (and Bert)

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Hey - Europe's a big place! Which bit??? (Watch out for those Frenchies)...

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