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Has anyone with recurrent ovarian cancer been treated with topotecan. If so could you let me know if it worked and what side effects you had.Thanks Elishaw

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Hello. My mother has recently been treated with topotecan. It's a good drug but after 3 cycles, her ca-125 has again elevated after coming down nicely with topotecan. It is from what I have heard the preferred second line in Ovarian. P.s. she was initially diagnosed with 3c

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Hi Elishaw, I had Topotecan as my 3rd Chemo. I am a stage 4 Ovarian Cancer and had my first surgery last year April 15th and just went thru what they called a debluking( removal of all the rest if the tumors) on the 13th of April this year. Topotecan didn't work for me but we are all diffrent. I have to this day NEVER had a side affect to any if the Chemo's I've had. Now I'm back on Carbo/Taxol hopefully it's gonna be the last. I'm also going to be doing Radiation if you have any info on that? Just keep the faith and you'll be fine. God Bless- Paddy

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