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Hi everyone, I am 29 years old. I recently started having pain (feels like contractions). I went to the doctor to see what it may be. He told me that a ultrasound showed a "cyst" on my right ovary. Then he proceeds to tell me that my ultrasound results showed a 5cm tumor not a cyst (he said because of the size). I was given a ca125 test it came back 13. He tells me to wait a couple of months and get retested. But if the pain gets worse go to the hospital. Now I am having pain when I go to the bathroom. What I wanted your opinion on is has anyone one experienced this before? Is this a common practice? Do you think I should get a second opinion? Any info would be appreciated.

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Hello NYCGirl,

You didn't mention what kind of doctor you saw? Your tumor could be benign; did your doctor give you any more information on it? Did you have a CT Scan? Your CA test is well within the normal range.

My regular gyne did not wait when I first had very minor symptoms. All my tests pointed to no cancer yet cancer was found. This doesn't mean that yours will. However, to be safe, I would go see a gynecological oncologist.

Your regular gynecologist should be able to give you a referral. I assume from your Email name that you live in NYC...so do I and I would be happy to give you the name of my doctor at Mt. Sinai...you need to have your doctor contact him to get you an appointment. He is one of the top gyne/oncs in the world.

Try not to panic. You are doing the right thing by asking questions and not ignoring your symptoms, but don't get ahead of yourself. You can Email me privately if you want: pshnyc@rcn.com

Take care,

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I'd say get a second opinion! A CA-125 is not an accurate indicator of early stage ovarian cancer, only being 50% accurate for stages 1 or 2.

You may be having pain because the ovary is pressing on one of your uterers coming from that kidney. I had an infection high out my bladder just a couple of months before my diagnosis, and it was very painful, but the pain I had before I knew I had it was very strange-not like cramps, but definitely in that region. I also had a CT scan on my lower body after having a vaginal ultrasound, and none of the tests I had really diagnosed my ovarian cancer enough to cause any of the doctors to suggest it. I did have uterine fibroids, but I had them previously and they didn't scare me. I didn't have a CA 125 test until after my surgery and first chemo treatment. My ob/gyn did a mini-biopsy that found uterine cancer, and I was found to have ovarian when I went for a hysterectomy. My uterine cancer was staged at 1B, and the ovarian at 1C, and I always say I got a two-for-one deal that was lucky! It was very possible we would have considered treating symptoms, and the longer you wait, the more the cancer can grow.

Your doctor may be reluctant to delve into the ovarian cancer realm because of your age, but ovarian is certainly not limited to specific ages. You should try to get on opinion from another doctor who has had experience with younger women with ovarian cancer.

Time is of the essence if you do have ovarian. See a gynecologic oncologist as soon as possible!

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