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job search

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Has any one ever tried to look for a new job while in the middle of chemo treatments? That was my goal for the new year! Instead I had a complete hysterectomy and now chemo. I am still working, I have to. Just don't know how honest to be. Has any one else been in this situation?

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Dear Iveys,

Cancer sure has a way of interrupting our plans & goals, doesn't it?!

I think you need to be aware of the rules about insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions in your state and on your plan. That would be the single biggest factor in my seeking a new job while undergoing treatment for cancer.

How are you doing on chemo? It was actually pretty easy for me...I did 6 rounds carbo/taxo. Next week I will celebrate 3 years cancer free! Time really flies and I hope it does for you, too.

Best wishes,


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Hi iveys, I interviewed at a number of places while I was on chemo. You don't have offer personal medical information-it's against the law for anyone interviewing you to ask about your medical history (and for any human resources to reveal it), and you should not feel compelled to disclose your medical history as long as you qualify for the job as it is described. My employer has no idea that I had OVCA, and I'm coming up on my first anniversary with the company. I interviewed with him in early Feb. '04 (wearing a wig), and was hired in April '04 after the first person chosen went A.W.O.L.

My sister worked in the human resources dept. of a large company, and she reassured me that sort of information is not necessary to offer, and suggested highly against doing so.

If you go the the ACS home page and do a search for "job discrimination" you'll see what is considered legitimate discrimination (education is one). Keep a stiff upper lip, and go out and look with a positive mind, and the best of luck to you!

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I interviewed for a new job two year's after having been diagnosed with stage 3c Ovarian Cancer. I did NOT say anything about it. I did call the state insurance dept. and asked about pre-conditions - you should do the same thing. I then called someone in benefits at my new company and asked about pre-conditions. She assured me that they would be covered. She said if they did not - they would lose many good candidates as they might have family members who had a chronic condition. I got the job, and was here for a year and a half before I had a recurrence - I just went through chemo and completed three months ago. I didn't miss one entire day - only partial days and everyone here is very understanding. Take care of yourself,

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