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How do you keep them going?

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My wife is in her mid 40's and has stage 3 uterine cancer. She has had a hysterectomy, radiation and 4 out of 6 chemo with adriamycin and cisplatin. This was the recommended protocol from two clinical hospitals. She is struggling with the side effects which include the ones from radiation that chemo has brought back.

Her family (they are doctors) believes the damage done by chemo probably outweighs the benefit and has now convinced her that she should quite the chemotherapy and I am trying to convince her to go the distance. She would be doing all 6 if her family was not involved.

Has anyone run into that kind of problem? Any advice would be appreciated.

Also - good luck and prayers to all of you.

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My wife was 42 when diagnosed with carcinoid mesentary cancer in 1998. At stage three when we found it, the prognosis was poor but we did not think twice about fighting using all of the treatments available to us. She endured hormonal and chemo for two years but we felt that we had no choice if we wanted to beat it. Despite our efforts, her physical condition worsened and we spent much time attempting to stabilize her. We then dscovered that the chemo and pain killers had contributed to her stomach shutting down. The docs suggested that they could install a feeding tube to provide IV nutrition. The decision we made to decline and return home was as clear as out original choice to fight the cancer 2 years previous. We spent our final time together in our home with our family. It has been two and a half years and I have never second guessed our choice. There is a difference between surrender and acceptance.

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