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2 year survivor of Kidney Cancer seeks input.

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Hello everyone, my name is Kurt. Two years ago I had a radical nephrectomy, I was 32. Had a great and successful surgery at Lennox Hill hospital in NYC, and so far so good. My scar is very long bu I am intensely proud of it. Two years later I am now enrolled as a student at ASU and doing a paper on the culture of cancer. I am seeking people that might be willing to share what they have learned from their experience. I am asked constantly how I have changed and what I have learned from my experience and honestly I don't know. All I do know is that I understand what life consuming fear feels like, and I detest CT scans. So I am doing this project to see if the experiences of others might help me shape a better understanding of my own. If anyone has the time to answer a few questions I can be reached at KPKov1@cox.net.

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