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Miss yall!!!

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The capitals means a very big, exuberant hello! I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while. SOOO many things I want to say, so little time (it's crunch time at McGill, two book reports, two finals, a presentation.... Woes me!) to type. Just wanted to say CONGRATS to Stacey, SB and Judy. It's so very, very awesome that you got to meet and be on the show! Yeah! Very cool. In other randomness, just wanted to tell Lisa Rose a late congratulations on her two year. Bert and Monika, so glad all is well. And every else, keep up the good fight. Tonight, treat yourself to something special and give yourself a huge pat on the back. Battling cancer is huge challenge, for caregivers and survivors alike, and I think we're all doing a fantastic job.

Lots of love and hugs,

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You are the coolest, andreae...

Be well.

- SB

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Good news! CT scan shows some lung spots gone, others reduced..some light at the end of this dark tunnel. Bad news is that blood pressure has jumped from usual 120/60 to 168/90. Has anyone experienced a rise in BP during chemo? The increased BP along with my high cholerestol has me concerned..Onc hasn't said anything about it. Bud

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Hi Andrea, Great to hear from you and to know that it's all that typical college stuff that keeps you from posting.
You are awesome in deaing with this the way you are; mature way beyond your years. I'm sorry I didn't get the e-mail for Amber, the 19 yo girl who was on the show before us. She could use your input. Maybe she'll find us!
Good luck with finals, your writing talent should get A's on those papers!! Judy

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Andrea - Judy is right. You're mature way beyond your years. Hopefully I am immature way beyond mine!

Good luck with finals. Remember; "When in doubt, pick C". That's what got me gradjee-ated from 8th grade.

- SB

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Great to hear from you-

Good luck with all your finals. The one good thing about crunch time is that it means vacation is right around the corner. Hope you have a fantastic one.

All the best,


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Lisa Rose
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Hi Andrea,

Thanks for the congrats ! All the best to you this week with your finals. For a young lady who has been through so much and has kept it all together is truly a inspiration to us all. You Rock Girl!


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Hello sweetheart! Thanks for the well wishes and good luck with your exams. I ditto your comment....I think we are all doing great...especially you baby girl! Keep on truckin!

Monika & Bert

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