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New to group

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Hi everyone. This is my first time talking on line. Would like to here from anyone, who is going through treatments, and survivors. Im 28, almost 3 years post transplant. Cml survivor. I also posted on Niky's subject, but its about a month late. I tried the chat room. Cant keep up with everyone.

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Joined: Mar 2004

Hello :) I'm so happy tht you are here and I hope tht you continue to post. I am just a caregiver. my sister was recently diagnosed w/CML. She's 26..could u tell me abt ur experience? Have ur already gotten ur BMT? I'm so glad ur here >:D

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I'm 36 and 14+ years post for CML. I had my bone marrow transplant at Wilford Hall Medical Center in Texas. I'm doing well these days. davidflannigan@hotmail.com

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Hi, I wanted to respond to your message and say that I'm interested in contacting fellow survivors. I had a transplant in 89 and am doing great. I want to talk about the perspective that one gains after an experience such as this. I have no health problems, but feel that the experience changed my life dramatically. I am curious to see how you view life. What path you have taken post transplant, etc. Kevin

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Hi, I am 51 and 4 years post transplant for CML. I had my BMT at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Reserach Center in Seattle. I am holding my own but was wondering how long after transplant you start to feel better. cdavis4@verizon.net

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