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Incontinence Pads

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I am about 45 days past my Radical Prostectomy and am feeling pretty good every day, except for the daily incontinence condition. I think it is getting a little better but it's hard to judge my progress. I have been doing the Kegel exercises on a consistent basis; I think it's helping, if I have identified the correct muscles.

My problem is finding an incontinence pad that will keep you dry past a couple of hours. I have tried several different types and most of them have failed to work well.

First, I tried the pads with the adhesive strip that goes inside you regular briefs underwear. They only last about a couple hours, then developed seepage in the lower seams, thus soiling you clothing, especially if you are slow to change it out for a new one.

Then I tried the full-briefs style in which one brand (Depends) worked well. No seepage after wearing them for more than two hours and all night while sleeping. I think the extra stitching along the edges helped.

But the Depends are expensive (about 58 cents each) and I tried a warehouse club band that was cheaper (38 cents each) and you get more. They are also briefs style. Again I was disappointed by the leakage and soiled clothing after wearing them for awhile.

Now I'm about to order an external catherer setup with a sheath for the penis, connecting tube and a leg bag. Maybe that will work okay. I'm getting frustrated dealing the pads each day.

I'm also going to returning to work in about two weeks and would like some ideas or success stories on handling incontinence in the office. I work in large office with about 100 people and have to attend a couple of meetings each day. I'm concerned with leakage, not being to change the pad soon enough and disposal. Luckily, I do have my own office. Men's bathrooms are just not setup for pads or briefs disposal.

Prostate cancer and post incontinence has been my biggest challenge in life thus far. But I'm glad I was caught early with a PSA of 3.74 and Gleason 8.

I would be happy to hear any ideas or stories on dealing with incontinence in the workplace. Is the leg bag setup the right way to go? Thanks in advance for any comments.

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Hi JagMan: I tried several type of incontinence pads early after surgery. Like you, I found the Depends briefs you mentioned very good, but as you say expensive if you have to change several times per day in the early months. Then I tried putting a Depends Guards-for-Men inside the Depends brief. They cost about 19 cents on sale and can be changed readily. Early on I was using one Depends brief and three 19-cent pads per day. But, after three months I was able to use just the 19-cent pad in my jockey shorts. This was inexpensive, and I never experienced a leak showing on my trousers.

I kept a 19-cent pad in my back pocket in a baggie. And, when I was at a restaurant I just changed it in the restroom stall, and deposited it in the trash can in a baggie.

Hope this helps. If you have questions, let me know. Lou T.

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Hey Lou T. Good to hear from you. I hadn't thought about the "Depends Guards for Men" pads. I'll look for them at Wal-Mart on my next outing. And I Iike the spare pad in the baggie idea. That's that kind of tip I needed at this point. I hope you continue to improve and God bless.

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Hi Guys,

I don't know if it would work for you. I had cryosurgery (which was not successful) and radiation (also not totally successful) that resulted in incontinence. I use a Bard Cunningham clamp that works well. As a tinkerer, I think I could come up with a better and cheaper design, but for now it is great. I run, ride bikes, and swim with one of these without too many problems. They are available on the internet for around $35 each. Don't go local or you'll pay double. I buy two so I can wash one while wearing the other. Usually wash with soap and water every day or two.

Best of luck and keep up the exercises. You'll be ok!

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Thanks for the review on the Cunningham Clamp. I have heard about them, but didn't know how effective they were. It seems to be working great for you. I might try one myself if my incontinence doesn't improve soon. Take care.

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Hi Mitch,
Just curious, where did you purchase your clamp? I see them listed at Qualitymedicalsupplies.com for $38.50 and CareCatalogServices.com for $41.50 and in each plus shipping.Some outfits offer free shipping for orders above $75-$100. This may help others who are looking into this.

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My husband too experimented with lots of things and found that the brief with the pad inserted worked best for him. He also, early on used both os those and a ladies thin pad (he didn't want leakage at all). He then graduated to the depends and the ladies thin pads (they tend to be cheaper) He know just wears the thin pad for confidence only. He returned to work after 60 days and is now 4 months after surgery and doing exceptional. He says the kegel and walking is what helped the most.

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Hi everyone. I had RP on 7/25/03 and I still have some incontinence. I wear depends pad in jockey shorts. I use two pads at once and don't have a problem with leakage outside the pads. I also keep a spare with me as some of you do. I change them twice (but I always use two pads at once). Also, if you are a veteran - you can get pads cheaper at VA clinics or hospitals. God bless. Mike

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I had the LRP and have IC too. Have you been doing the Kegals exercises? They say it might take 6 mos up to a year to regain continence. There is newer exercise call Beyond Kegal by Janet Hulme. Her book is available from Amazon.com Also try PhoenicPub.com
Keep exercising.

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