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freaking out (female Q)

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hello, everyone! i am 21-yrs old and have both sides of my thyroid glands removed three weeks ago. my last period stopped around March 26th and i still don't have my period yet, is it affected by the surgery and the fact that the doctor told me to be off iodine for the three weeks?????? i am freaking out, thanks!

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Having surgery and also being without a thyroid and no replacement thyroid hormone will cause menstrual irregularities. You may find that when you do start your period that it will be with a very heavy flow. Do not get alarmed. Mine lasted for 10 days, then a week later I had another, but brief period.

When I was first diagnosed with thyroid disease, I would go for months without having a period.

Is there any way that you could be pregnant? If you miss more than a month, it would be wise to have a pregnancy test just to be sure. But otherwise, I'd guess it is probably due to your lack of thyroid.

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