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kangatoo "el incognito"

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Hiyas all guys!!!!Wow--we have been gone a coupla weeks now and Jen n I have managed to steal a puta for a minute or two.As most of you know we are on our long awaited holiday to the far north coast of OZ--about 2,500 kls from our home town in south ozzie.We are in Brisbane now and heading for Bundaberg before turning for home.
YEP!!!!!!We are having a wonderfull time and REAALLYY, REEAALY wish you guys were with us!

Seriously--we are very concious of how lucky we are to be able to be on our trip and we both think of you every day!!!!!!!!!
I am doing fine although riding our m/cycle does take it's toll as I still am sufferring somewhat from chemo.There is so much to see and do I kinda overdo it I guess--but hell--might never do it again!
I am on restricted time here as web time is not my own--he he!--so can't reply to any posts although would like to.
SO GUYS!----be as well as you can and I will try to get a look back here on another "stolen puta" in the next few days!
Love and prayers to you all-wish you were here!!
kanga n Jen

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Ahoy, Kanga!

Great to hear from you! Glad you and Jen are having such a great adventure.

I zapped you an e-mail to "kanga" - for some reason i thaought that was you! WOOPS!

Take care mate and be safe!

- SpongeBob

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Hi Kanga and Jen,
Sounds like a grat trip; there really is nothing like getting away from it all. Australia is on our long dreamer's list of places to visit (I have yet to be out of North America!!); but in the meantime we contented ourselves with seeing Rabbit Proof Fence. Powerful movie, amazing land.
Keep up the good journey, Judy

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Hey Kanga! Carpe Diem!! Maybe we all can have a semi-colon convention in AU... be safe.. Bud

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Great to hear from you mate! All's well here. Aspaysia is keeping us in stitches, Judy, SB and Stacy are local celebrities with the semi-colons, Nanuk is having a rough go with his chemo, Baby girl andrea is in the thick of finals and termpapers, Monika and Bert are hanging in there, Lisa Rose celebrated her 2 yr mark, we have a slew of new members you'll have to meet, and I am still nagging everyone to kick the sugar habit.

hope you and jen are having a whopping good trip and we look forward to the photo gallery upon your return!

peace, emily who probably will never get to Oz in her lifetime....

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kanga- Sounds like a great time. I'm envious.

Best wishes for the rest of the great adventure.


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