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from Mrs. Galliano

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Many thanks to all of you and your comments for my husband. Your words of advice & support mean a lot! You've soothed many of my fears! Also, note to Stacy; your sister is the reason that we are at this site. On Monday I went in to Community to pick up hubby's last films, to take to his next PET. I struck up a conversation (what a sweetheart she is!) with her, and she told me about you, your experience, and how you were on a plane headed for Sharon's show, & how it all came to be from your spending time at this site (which I knew nothing of). She told me your name, I told her I'd be watching Sharon's show. Luckily, the Post-Trib pssst section made mention of it so I made sure to watch it that day (I also taped it in case you or your sister would like another copy). It was a great show! Now thanks to all of you, here we are. The other nite was my first posting; I'm still too nervous to try a chat just yet. I showed this site to hubby today, and was glad to see him send a message. Yes, Univ. of Chicago is the place for us, only our doc is Dr. Millis (we started with Dr. Cronin who we really liked, but he left). Not sure yet how confident I am in Dr. Millis, but I will ask about your doc when we go. I'm sorry if this is too long. It'll take some practice to get the hang of this whole wonderful site. Thanks to all of you!!! My prayers for restored health are with each of you.

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Is "Community" Community Hospital in Indianapolis?

Jeez - what is in the water in Indianapolis?! That's my hometown and I think there more Hoosiers here at CSN than there are in the state of Indiana. Hey, Stacy, maybe we should make that Semi-Colon reunion in Indianapolis versus Texas! I could probably scam some tickets to the 500!!

- SpongeBob

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Hey SpongeBob, this is really wierd - I now live in Texas, but I am originally from Indianapolis! Never thought about it until I just read your message about "whats in the water there". It's amazing our connection!

Mrs. Galliano, you and your husband are in the right place for support, comfort and lots of good advice. This is a wonderful site with lots of wonderful people who are strong, encouraging and compassionate. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Take care.


P.S. I missed the show, does anyone know how I can get a tape?? Also, I can get us tickets to the Indy 500!!

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Kerry -

My SO taped the show - I can make you a copy of you'd like. Drop me your address and I'll send it out as soon as I get a chance to make a copy.

- SB (your Hoosier Pal)

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Hi SpongeBob
Thanks for the reply. Nope, the "Community" I'm referring to is "Community Hospital/Munster/St.John". I've always liked the water up this way (love Lake Michigan); don't know how healthy it is tho. I always figured us northerners were picking up a lot of the steel mill polution; even tho there isn't as much of it as there used to be. Years ago while driving back north from Indy I'd get half-way up I-65 and the stink would let me know I was getting close to home. Thank God it's not that way now!
p.s. I love your sense of humor.
p.s.s. Be well

Anonymous user (not verified)

Naw Sponge, make it here in L.A. We could all head for the beach, soak up some rays, no humidity, and then head of to Disneyland for a rip, roaring good time. Heck, we'd fit right in ;0)


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Hi Mike and Pam, Sorry you have to post here, but welcome to the site...I have found it extremely helpful with info and hints that, as Nanuk posted, give you more ammo to discuss with your onc. My onc welcomes all my questions, and he is my second onc. The first one was very cheery, but I felt he would just dismisss my concerns with an "everybody's different" response. The new office is a branch of the first, but closer to my work and home, smaller, and with much nicer nurses!
Best of luck to you both on this continuing journey!
Pam, I find the message board much easier to use than the chat room. It's always hard for me to pick up the conversations, and the topics are very broad, since it includes folks with all types of cancer. I tend to hang out here, and at times, e-mail folks individually by clicking on the little letter icon at the end of the posting. Regards and welcome, Judy

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Hi Pam!

I'm happy my sister & I are able to help you! At first, all the information and details are a lot to digest. But I promise with time, it will get easier. Nothing is impossible. If you want, you can contact my sister at Community, and she will give you my home number. That may get you quicker responses to your questions, even though I am literally here every day! I really hope my experience can help you both get through this incredibly trying time in your lives.

You will come out stronger than ever before!


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