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Ahoy Semi-colons!

Just a quick note to say I'm sorry that I've been so hit and miss on posting lately - I reported aboard my new ship on Tuesday morning (after a red-eye from LA! No doubt I made a great first impression!)...

Been working "half days" (12 hours+) since trying to get the outgoing XO relieved and get re-acclimated to life in a ship. I sorta figured my CC Dx was gonna torpedo any future assignments at sea - glad I was wrong!

Getting underway for a rather lengthy patrol soon, so I'll really be out of touch then. Probably gonna be hundreds of threads to read when i get back. I will be able to get regular e-mail most of the time while I'm underway so if you want my e-mail address, just drop a note!

More later.

Be well!

- SB

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Let me get this straight...you can receive mail but cannot reply? Sounds like a plan!
Just publish the address so we can make your life a nightmare with no fear of retribution. Until you get back, of course.
By then I shall have honed my sarcasm to such a fine point I can commit Hari-Kiri. Don't stay away too long, Or else...
Aspaysia, jet-setting, celebrity shmoozing, name dropping wannabe.

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Good luck in getting your sea legs back. Yes please give us your email address so we can keep in touch.

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Hey 'Bob...

Good thing you cleared that up...I was getting the term "incommunicado" confused with the phrase "going commando"...I was starting to blush!

We'll await your return...


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We'll miss those regular injections of humor, but better that you take any spare time for a little R&R, rather than indulging us.

I suspect that it must be kind of nice to be able to get back to what you are used to doing. I'll be flying back to Maryland from Wisconsin to fill in at my old job for the next month, and, although I am a bit worried about keeping up, I am looking forward to it. I probably will be a bit incommunicado next month also.

Have fun!


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