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Looking for support....

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Hi, I saw this commercial and segment last week on the Sharon Osbourne show and thought I would come find out and see what is here. I'm 27 and come from a loving family, but sometimes its hard to show all my feelings because I know they are dealing with things too in their own way. My Mom has pancreatic cancer and is 51 years old. he just went to UCLA two weeks ago again and they think it's moving from stage 3 to stage 4. We are now waiting for the Catscan update. I'm so scared. There are times when I try and go to sleep and tears just roll down my cheek. I know everyone on here has their own story and has been touched by this scary monster of a disease in some way, but please keep my family and all those in our prayers. I guess I'm writing on here not only to vent but for a cry out for help and maybe some new friends that now how this feels and what people go through. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post. Love and faith, Julie

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You have my prayers. I am a pc survivor. Less than a year. I know that it is hard for the family members because I saw the frustration/bewilderment on my family's face, even when they tried to hide it. Keep praying and your faith will see you through.

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Hi Julie I am 38 and my dad was dx with pancreatic cancer two years ago. The first year was a rollar coaster of emotions for me, he is my best friend I try very hard to stay positive, and to savor every day that we have together, he is doing very well, and I thank god everyday that I still have him in my life! Good luck to you

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Julie...I am wondering how you and your mom are doing? I lost my dad last week to PC and I know how hard the struggle is of watching not only a parent...but for those of us that are so lucky, a best friend battle this horrible monster. I see that it has been a while since you posted your thread but I want to stil send you love, faith and prayer. Keep your head up, be strong and cherish EVERY moment. Much love. Katie.

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