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When is it over?

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My father has liver cancer due to hepatitis B, and he has a blot clot that has developed because the diseased tissue--which measure 13 centimeters across, three lesions that grew into one--is pressing against a vein. His stomache and ankle swell with water, and he cannot eat because of the discomfort this causes him. He weighs less than 110 pounds now. After initial plans to begin chemo, those treatments are cancelled because he is too weak to have them. At this time last year, he felt fine--this decline has happened within the last six months. He has OK days and bad days, depending on when they drain his belly. My question is: Is there hope? How do we determine whether it is better to continue seeking treatment vs. pallative care and hospice? Also, does the water retention ever stop? He is not in pain--it is the pressure that really wipes him out. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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I have liver cancer which spread from my colon. They give me about 2 years to live. This was one year ago. I heard about a doctor in Tijuana Mexico that is very good. I went to Mexico and was treated by him for 2 weeks (radiation and chemo). He tells me that I will be around a long time if I follow his treatment protocol. It might be worth you while to talk with him and send him some of the latest scans. If you are interested, e-mail me back and I will give you the number.

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My father has liver cancer due to hepatitis c.... He also suffers from severe cirrhosis and fluid swelling in the abdomen and left ankle. Since he started taking aldactone (long-working) and lacix (immediate relief) together in the morning (before getting out of bed) the fluid in his ankle has gone away and some of the fluid in his belly has subsided. He still needs to have the fluid drained every so often. He also takes reglan to help with his appetite and to prevent some of the nausea (it reduces the stomach acid caused by the pressure of his abdomenal fluid... the acid gets trapped there) So now he eats more and keeps the weight on a bit better. Also, the fluid is always down when he is under the least amount of stress and avoids all sodium and processed foods. (Go organic and watch for hidden sodium.) Get regular blood work and always try to respond quickly to any early threats. (like high calcium levels due to cancer, etc.) The doctors gave my father 6 months to live and that was 6 months ago. They've told him that there is nothing left that they can do for him and to undergo a clinical trial if he is up to it. (He has metastatic primary liver cancer, so he didn't qualify for a liver transplant) Does anyone know of anyone with some treatment success, or some advice for even just a little more life extension for my father? Thank you so much.....

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My husband was diagnosed with liver cancer in july2003 in jan2004 he was given less than 6 months to live so we went to bio medical center in tijuana mexico. he was given a tonic and vitiams. so far he is doing great.he got a stomach virus last week and that made his sgot. levels go up but now we are getting them down.he is on a strict diet all fresh vegies and fruits, oatmeal not a lot of dairy. no milk, because its hard for the liver to proscess milk you don't want to eat anything hard for the liver to proscess.if i can be of any help let me know.go to the health food store and get books on liver cancer they have really helped me.

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