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Happy Friday Everyone~

My Dad who has had 3 treatments of FOLFOX said that food is tasing bad. Has anyone had a similar experience? Can anything be done to help?

God Bless and ((Hugs))


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    Michelle, my husband Hunt says ice cream does not even taste good. But I insist that he eats although there is no taste. Loving thoughts and prayers. Yvonne
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    I can relate! I was on different drugs, but not even CHOCOLATE tasted good, which was a bad thing for a chocoholic like myself. Eventually, the taste thing came back the end of my chemo, everything was starting to taste good again (except for olives--go figure). Good luck to you and your Dad.
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    Hi Michele,

    I have had 8 treatments of Folfox...only four more left. I really haven't noticed any change in the flavor of food, but I have noticed a funny feeling on my tongue and on the roof of my mouth. I have been blessed with minimal side effects from this regimen. I am a little tired and sleepy on days four and five after treatment, but I think that possibly the anti-nausea medicines may cause drowsiness. I hope your dad is tolerating the chemo well.


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    Michelle-Yes I had alteration in taste on both occasions when I went on oxaliplatin. Some people suggested more Vitamin B12 might help, but that didn't help. My strategy is to just experiment with foods, buying small amounts of various things, to find out what tastes and "sets" best. Although disconcerting at first, over a period of a few weeks I got used to it, and my appetite did not decrease. Having experienced both problems at different times, I feel that lack of appetite is more problematic than alteration of taste. Even if food is tasteless it is still pleasurable to have a full stomach.

    Oncology nurses and nutritionists who often are available at the hospitals and larger oncology centers often have recipe books. I suspect Emily may have good suggestions also.

    I had the greatest alteration in my taste for sweets. Probably this is a good thing. Sugar is not the best thing for cancer. Godiva chocolates might as well be cheap, stale dimestore chocolates. (People think I am being so generous when I share chocolates that others give me!) I used to adore ice cream, but I have not purchased a carton of ice cream now for 18 mth. It tastes like cotton. The oxaliplatin cold sensitivity makes it positively uncomfortable to eat at times as well. For dessert, I find pumpkin pie tastes good, does not have huge amounts of sugar and is a not bad source of vitamins.

    I find that the taste of vegetables is least altered.

    I can eat an avacado at a sitting. High calorie with good fats and nutrients.

    Cranberries and citrus fruits taste good, especially grapefruit tastes great. But be careful since these can irritate mouth sores. Also, grapefruit juice can alter the absorption/metabolism of some drugs. Check with your pharmacist.

    Cottage cheese still tastes good with a bit of dill or a tomato. Yogurt works for some people. Unfortunately, I have always hated yogurt, and although I have experimented, my altered taste has not made me like it any better.

    Maccaroni and cheese used to taste good. No longer, until I found that I had no butter and used garlic/ olive oil butter instead-much better. I like garlic/ olive oil on my toast and for cooking as well.

    Sharper cheeses taste better than the more mild cheeses that I used to also like. I sometimes make snacks by broiling English muffins topped with sharp cheese and Italian dressing

    Meats for the most part are pretty tasteless, and I find I eat less.Tough meats caused me problems have occasionally caused me cramping and discomfort.

    I have always liked lentil dishes, and still find I like them and they are nutritious and a good source of protien, something that my nutritionist always reminds me is extra important in a cancer diet.

    I hope this helps a bit.

    Best wishes,

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    Hi, Michele: I posted a reply to 4mykids re: "bad taste in mouth" that might be helpful. It is about the possibility of the problem being thrush/oral yeast infection. You might want to check it out.

    Good luck,