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symptoms you have had

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HI, I am a lymphoma and melanoma survivor. I am 40 years old and I have been having aching on my right side. And one night I had a sharp pain and then in the morning,a slight bloody discharge. I am wondering what symptoms,signs any of you had and what advice you could give me as to what to have my doctor check. How do they diagnose ovarian cancer? I was put into early menopause becuz of chemo. I have irregular bleeding. I don't want to go through a lot of tests,so if there is something specific,I would appreciate the advice. thanks so much.

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The symptons I had were, staining, pain on my left side. There is no conclusive test at p[resent for ovarian cancer, but a sonogram and a blood test called CA125 is used. Both are painless. And, go see a OBGYN asap, early detection is our only good fight against it. Be your own advocate for good health. Best of luck !

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I also had a pain on my right side and had my period for a month. My OBGYN sent me for a sonogram and blood work CA-125 like MONTE. Good luck and let me know how your doing. Healthy

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They only "symptom" I had was irregular periods. Since I was trying to get pregnant my doctor sent me for a sonogram, where they found the tumor. I also had the CA-125 test done, but mine came back normal. The CA-125 is not overly reliable- my doctor said the highest test she ever saw was from a woman who had endo. Best of luck to you.

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As MONTE said,there is no conclusive non-invasive test-the ovary has to be removed and examined. I had some sharp pains in the summer before being dx, and I had excessive bleeding (but I had uterine cancer dx before the ovarian was found). One symptom that I always mention is that I had a leg swollen because of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which caused a pulmonary emblolism. I have since learned that lower body cancers can cause DVT (your body boosts its clotting factor because of the lesions). Fran Drescher mentions leg pain in her book about her uterine cancer, "Cancer,Schmancer", also.

The CA-125 test is only indicative of 50% of Stage 1 ovarian cancers, which is where you want to catch it, so it's not reliable as a diagnosis tool. I had a sonogram that indicated something going on with my uterus, also.

Ovarian cancer symptoms are so vague many times diagnosis is delayed in being made, and time is an enemy to those who have it-so do take a grip on getting a diagnosis, and pursue it until you are satisfied. Many doctors are reluctant to suggest cancer in a 40 year old woman ("too young"), but again, Fran Drescher is a good example. She was 39 when she started having problems, and it took visits to about 9 doctors to get her diagnosis-that's ridiculous! Good luck to you, and please revisit this board and let us know your outcome!

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I agree with what everyone has said. My only symptom was a sharp pain on my right side. My CA was normal. My CT Scan showed something on the ovary, but the pelvic ultrasound indicated a benign cyst. I was going to watch and wait, but I had a "hinky feeling" and so did my obgyn who INSISTED. Whatever it was, we both wanted it out. This saved my life because during surgery, everything looked good but a frozen section of the cyst came back malignant. My ovca was caught at Stage 1 and next week, I will celebrate 3 years cancer free! Don't let your mind race ahead of you or not pursue this because you don't want a lot of tests. As Fran Drescher might say, Tests Schmests! Go see your obgyn immediately. Your "gut" led you to this site so follow your gut.

Good luck.


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