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Cancer over and over again

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My Grandfather died of lung cancer. My Father died of colon cancer. My Father in Law died of liver cancer less than 6 months ago. My Mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a week before Thanksgiving. She is undergoing chemo and suffering from the side effects as I write this. It is very difficult to see so many wonderful people suffer the same fate. So many of the symptoms and weakness of body seem to repeat themselves only causing the memory of each of the loved ones who have passed to come back so clearly. I feel like a veteran of this disease in the caretaking aspect, but it is really taking its toll. Not sure where to turn. Any advise in keeping a positive outlook in the face of a terminal illness? I feel as if I wish I hadn't seen this all before so I wouldn't know what was coming.

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I understand, it's as if every where you turn there is cancer. My aunt died of lung cancer September 2003, my brother died from colorectal/liver cancer in October 2003, my mom has been fighting lung cancer since January of 2003 and it is now in her brain. I wish I had something to tell you. I have sought out a private counselor and am now here hoping to find support too. I can actually see the face of my dead brother now in my mother's face and it frightens me. The only bright spots helping me through this sea of disease are my son, a mere ten month old, and my husband. Simply hearing them both laugh helps tremendously. I try to find laughter where ever I can and work very hard every day at find something beautiful.

I'm so sorry for what has passed in your family and for what your mother faces now. I hope you are able to find peace some how, even if it just in the moment. I hope for peace for you mother too, whatever is to come for her.

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I know what you mean by cancer after cancer.........never ending is it. I have colon cancer, this is my second time around. I inheriated colon cancer from my dad. My mom died from multiplemyelinomia.........I went through chemo and I will be going through chemo again. I was declared terminal, but i beat the odds the first time around. Not sure about this second time around. Just have to pray each day and take a day at a time. I am high on life, and enjoing every min. of it. I have a poem if, your interested in reading it. The name of the poem is My Journies. I'm sure you've heard people talk about their journies. i am one, and this is the stage I am at. I do not know where I belong, I am between heaven and earth, waiting for God's command. This is not my will, this is his will. He will not give you more than you can handle. Evidently he thinks I can handle this one.......it's a biggie and a rollercoaster ride for me. The thing that hurts me the most is watching my family and friends grive. There is nothing I can do, only comfort them, wipe their tears and say I love you. This is the only way I know how. love and understanding has alot to do with the mental stablility of your disease. I do not know how long I have, but I intend to live it to the fullest as long as i am able. I will leave this world with pride and diginity. Hope this helps if, so let me know I will send you my poem. My Journies. littlestinker

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