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Stacy, Sponger & Judy On The Sharon Osbourne Show

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Everyone,

Sponger, Stacy & Judy are on the Sharon Osbourne Show today. I just about fell over when Sharon announced there names. I said to myself I know those people!!!

You Guys Were Great,

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I know, we watched the show today ourselves. They were great!!!! Bob, Judy and Stacey let us know what that experience was like for you and what you did in California.
Ben & Audrey

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Hi everyone, Iam usually here everyday on the silent side. 2 time Cancer survivor, Breast and Colon. When I watched Sharon today and seen the man with the uniform I knew it had to be Sponge Bob. Then I remembered Judith being a Nurse and Stacy and her journey with Ca. I was so excited, I was like I know them from the Csn boards. I was glad to see family there representing the Semi Colons. Hats off to them.

Anonymous user (not verified)

I missed it!!!!! Gosh darn it, I missed it!!!! X*#$^%@)$&**$$!!!!! Were you guys in California...L.A. area???? Ah heck, why didn't you let me know. I'd have loved to meet you in person and actually put faces to the names.

Monika in L.A. who is upset that she missed the show, but it couldn't be helped.

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We were sworn to secrecy regarding talking about any of this prior to our television debut. Otherwise, that would have been WAY TOO COOL!!!!


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