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Is any one (after 3 treatments)having severe itching? This always occurs on the 7th day after treatment,it usually goes away the next day. This time it has lasted for a week. Dr has given me two prescriptions now, (I think its time for a new dr)he doesn't seem to know whats causing this. Any ideas on how to relieve this, other than more drugs?
Any imput would be greatly appreciated.

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HI Iveys-The itching and numbness I felt was in my hands and feet. My feet were really bad for a while. My doc said it was neuropathy. They asked me at every appointment if I had started to feel any numbness or tingling. Neuropathy can be helped with drugs like Neurontin and it usually goes away shortly after treatment. Don't know if this helps but I hope so. Good Luck!! :)

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I would suggest taking a Bcompound and L-Glutamine. The L-glutamine can be found at GNC. My doctor recommended this and I still take it. It didn't make the problem go away but really helped. I buy the powder and put a heaping teaspoon in a small amount of orange juice. The nuerotin was suggest by another doc but side effects are tiredness and God knows I didn't want to feel any more tired. Hope it helps and good luck with your treatments.


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