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I need some advise, please help!

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My mother is 62 years old, chain smoker of 50 years.has had bladder removale due to cancer, also half of her tongue removed due to squamous cell carcinoma and removal of lymph nodes on right side. Now the doctors say it is back in her tongue and 3 very fast growing tumors (squamous cell)growing on her neck. She started radiation on Monday, 2 times a day-5 days a week-for six weeks! Then xray of chest shows a 1 inch mass found on lung which will be biopsied tommorow! She also has these strange little cyst like bumps under the skin on her arm, hips, legs! she will be biopsied for the bumps tommorow....The tumors in her neck are growing so quickly,does anyone know if there is a link between neck and tongue cancer and lung cancer? They say her cancer (neck) is at stage 2 but growing quickly! After 3 days of radiation they are starting to get mushy, is this good? Thank you to all who read this, any advise will be helpfull!

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My cancer was squamous cell of 2 lymph nodes of the neck, it was of unknown primary. I sure don't have all the answers to your questions unfortunately but I do know they told me that if my cancer were to recur they would expect to find it in my lungs. God bless and your mom is in my prayers, so are you. doug

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i had the same, but my primary was in my left tonsil. It spread to 2 nodes. I had tonsils removed, left neck dissection and radiation/chemo.

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I was diagnosed with SCC about two months ago the day before my 20th birthday. My doctor told me that this type of cancer spreads down from the mouth to the neck and so on. There is a very high liklihood that all of the cancer is linked. I had it in my tongue and it spread to the neck.

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