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Hi there,
My name is Julie. My mom has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. Its been a rough three weeks waiting for all the first doctor's appt's. We met with the surgeon and the oncologist. Friday March 26th is her CT scan & liver scan. She'll be having an MRI done within 2 weeks. So far the plan seems to be wait for all the results of the many tests then probably a combination of radiation & chemo first to shrink the tumor then surgery, & chemo agian. Has anyone done this? Or know someone who has?

It's nice to know we're not alone. Please feel free to tell me your story. I'm looking forward to talking to people who have been diagnosed in Stage 3.

Good luck to all,


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    Hi Everyone,

    Julie is a friend that I met on a Canadian Cancer Board. I hope that you will all give her a big warm welcome! I know that she will find much love and support here with all of you.

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    Hi Julie. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer just over one year ago. The time period of all the tests and decisions was like a roller-coaster. But it is very important. I ended up having exactly the treatment protocol you are describing: I had 5-6 weeks of chemoradiation, then a 5-6 week 'rest' period, then surgery, then (in my case) about 4 months of chemo. Everyone's situation is different but I am convinced that this was the best possible protocol for me. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the treatment I went through. (I don't check this site as often as I would like - you can always click to email me directly). I finished my treatment last August and I am doing great - back to work full-time, full of energy, etc. I wish your mom all the best -- and take care of yourself, too.
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    Hi there-my husband (aged 31) has just been diagnosed with rectal cancer which appears to be stage 2-3 on the MRI scan so I understand some of what you are going through-it has been several weeks for us too waiting for various tests to come back etc-he is waiting to start 5 weeks of chemo and radiotherapy prior to surgery so it sounds like a similar regime to your mum-the last few weeks have been such a roller coaster of emotion-not helped by the fact that i am expecting out first baby in 8 weeks. You constantly feel apprehensive about the future and each new test result-I think in some ways once the treatment starts and you feel that something is happeneing things will be better-in the meantime try and live for each day and over-emphasise any positives however hard they seem to find at the time. There is always a very good chance of cure of this type of cancer. take care and best wishes kelly.
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    Hi Julie,

    I was diagnosed with Stage 111 colon cancer Dec. 21, 2003 with 2 positive lymph nodes. I had my surgery to remove about 1/3 of my colon and then a 6 month regimen of chemo including 5Fu, Leucovorin and Camptosar. I finished my chemo last July 2003. So far all my check ups have been good, blood counts are good and the last scan I had was clear. My prognosis seems to be pretty good. Your mom will do fine. Stay in touch with this group and we'll help you and your mom get through this. Ask any questions, we've been through it all and no question will be ignored. Take care and God Bless.

    For more stories of colon cancer patients check out the personal Web Pages! They are for the most part very informative and inspiring.

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    Hi Julie,

    Any friend of Lisa's is a friend on mine! Welcome to the boards. We like our Canuk cousins! :-) (I'm married to one)

    I was diagnosed in August 2001 with Stage 3 lymph pos no mets sigmoid colon cancer. My tumor did not give off markers so they would not know if my chemo was working or not. I was told I needed adjuvant chemo---or a "clean up" that would get any buggers that snuck off and set up camp in other areas.

    I prayed long and hard about this. You see, I lost a sister to cancer (small intestine) 9 years prior to my own dx and I watched with horror what she went through. Chemo scared me to no end. My grandfather did chemo and died. My aunt did chemo and died. My sister did chemo and died. I decided that I was going to take a different course of action that lined up more with my belief system....that given the support the body is an amazing healing system and my cancer was a wake-up call to a greater problem.

    I declined the chemo. I embraced instead the Eastern Medicine philosophies to coordinate with Western diagnostics. If you read my webpage I go into greater detail if you are interested.

    My treatments focused on boosting my immune system, detoxing my body, balancing my nutrition, and unblocking any energy blockages. It may sound odd and far out but when I went for my February tests marking my 2 1/2 yr post dx I remained all clear and cancer free. My oncologist is watching me closely...on two that he is worried about me b/c I am testing the unknown for him and two b/c he was diagnosed with colon cancer himself a year ago.

    Everyone has his/her own journey and path and this has been mine. Even if your mother chooses the Western route I would recommend you meet with a Naturopathic Nutritionist who is knowledgable about cancer healing nutrition; and get your mother off all sugar since cancer feeds on sugar (and mucus so dairy would be good to stay away from too).

    So there is my Stage 3 story. Still alive and kickin' and nagging folks to kick the sugar habit to starve their cancer!

    peace, emily
  • Hi Julie:

    My husband Bert was diagnosed stage III last August, 2003. While he didn't have any prior treatment to surgery, both tumors located in his right colon (cecum) were successfully removed with wide, clear margins. There was no visible evidence of any other cancer but the tumors did invade 4 lymphs nodes and thus the stage III diagnosis. Chemo with 5fu/leuc started end of August and for the most part, Bert tolerated it quite well. We had some pretty bad scares, but again, he did complete all treatments.

    In January of this year, we switched oncologists (long story) and although his 5fu/leuc chemo therapy was technically complete, the new oncologist considered him high risk for recurrence as a result of the 4 nodes being involved and put him on more chemo and added Oxaliplatin to the mix, a drug that is usually reserved for stage IV's but new onc strongly feels get it while you can and why wait for it to come back.

    So far, Bert has tolerated this combo and the way it's administered like a major problems whatsoever and very little compromise on is quality of life (just be expected). For the most part, all has been well and the care Bert is receiving is excellent, which leads me into the main point of my post to you. It's very, very important that your mom and her doctors are on the same page concerning her treatments and what options are available to her. With colon cancer, there is much new "stuff" out there and with your mom being stage III, the chance of cure is actually still quite high...about 50% I believe.

    So get ready to soak up all the information that you, read, and read some more. Be your mom's advocate and's one of the greatest things you can do for her.

    Take care and I'm glad you found this group. I learned so much here when I first joint and I know you will too.

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    Hi Julie, I'm new here too. I had stage II rectal cancer diagnosed in July, 2003. Had colon resection, good margins, no lymph nodes, no spread. No further treatments. I had a recurrence in Jan, 2004. Now having 5FU continuous pump, 5 days per week and radiation 5 days per week. I'm in my 4th week, 2 more to go. Then I will have 4-6 week break, then surgery and permanent colostomy, then more chemo. Don't know how much yet. The only advice I can give is to stay on top of it. Check out everything you can. Get a second and even a third opinion. I wish you and your mom all the luck in the world. While I am having radiation, I pray for my friends on here and my friends and family, so I will add you and your mom to my list. May God bless you both.
    Love and prayers, Judy H(grandma)
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    Hi Julie, welcome to a great support group. My hubby,Hunt was dx with stage 4, larger tumor removed from his colon, 17 out of 18 lymph nodes dieased, mets to his liver. That was one year ago end of February/first of March. He has had camptosar treatment and oxplitian (sp?) treatment. He is still going strong, positive attitude, positive people, lots of laughter, and for us lots of prayer. He was given a death sentence of about 17 months, he tells me and everyone else that he is going to beat this terrible diease. Don't get me wrong, we do have down times, we do cry, and we do get angry, but then I get on this site, read these postings and it makes me feel so much better. Sorry that you had to meet us under this condition, but you will get wonderful support from the people on this site. Stay positive. GOD bless you and your family. Yvonne
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    Hi My name is gale and my dad had colon cancer surgery in January they got the tumor out but there was still a sprinkling now he has some behind the tissue by his rectum he is 90 and lives in california and i live in texas. now they are waiting to start the radiation therapy.He also takes care of my step-mother who has glaucoma and alzsheimers he has been diagnosed with anemia .Your not alone I went for my dad's surgery and they didn't do a incision they went through his rectum because of his age. How old is your mom if that isn't to personal? It will all work out.