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Colon Cancer

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I am 72 and this is my third time with cancer.
I have just started my treatment and I am in my rest time now. I will start taking the pills again on thurs.
I get mad so easy at my husband and then I am so sorry for doing it. I need to sleep 2 hours a day and he thinks I am sleeping my life away Help me ok

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Hi there,
My name is Julie. My mom has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. She is 55 yrs old and has a brother who died 4 yrs ago from colon cancer. Five years ago her colonscopy was clear but the last one she went for wasn't. Its been a rough three weeks waiting for all the first doctor's appt's. We met with the surgeon and the oncologist. Friday March 26th is her CT scan & liver scan. She'll be having an MRI done within 2 weeks. So far the plan seems to be wait for all the results of the many tests then probably a combination of radiation & chemo first to shrink the tumor then surgery, & chemo agian. Has anyone done this? Or know someone who has?

It's nice to know we're not alone. Please feel free to tell me your story. I'm looking forward to talking to people who have been diagnosed in Stage 3.

Good luck to all,

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Hi Julie,I am a survivor of stage 3 colon rectal cancer.adenocarcinoma.I have had 22 operations to date.....I went through chemo and radiation,,,,and I am now 44...was diagnosed at 41 .my scans are all negative at this time..it has been a long road to get to this point.... I can say I am a survivor........Not sure what you are looking to ask but you can always email me....Best of Luck with your Mom and I will add you and your family to my prayers!You are not alone!

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Hi Julie,

Sounds like you are in the exact same situation as me. My mom is also 55 and was diagnosed last January. I know exactly what kind of stress and anxiety you are feeling waiting for test results and doctors opinions. It really is a whirlwind.

Just take comfort in the fact that there so many people who can beat this disease at this stage.

My mom went through the chemo and radiation, and tolerated it extremely well. (there were no severe side effects in her case).

Remember to remain strong and hopeful for your mom! Your support will mean the world to her right now.


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