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I'm New

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Hi. My dad has esophageal cancer and it is now in nodes. He was dx in July, 2003. He is just tired of being tired.

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It is hard to be tired all the time. Is your Dad getting chemo? How are you, as one of his caregivers, hanging in?

If you would like to connect with a large group of esophageal survivors and caregivers go to www.eccafe.org Ther is a link on that esophageal cancer site to a list group sponsored by ACOR. The list is 1200 members strong of good compassionate people between them have experienced it all.

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I understand the tired of being tired. My husband had a complete esophogeal removal last August and he is very tired of being tired. We have agreed to try to add 10 or 15 minutes a day of extra activity but this is very taxing on him He does a little bit and then he is wiped out for about an hour or more. It is very frustrating but everyday we consider it a blessing and a new challange. Please keep in touch let us know more about the situation with you father. Be careful as a caregiver that you don't "over" protect but that you take care of yourself and allow him the ability to "try"

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I'm also new. I'm 49 and was suppose to have sugery yesterday but decided to have sugery in my home town. Also thwy were going to remove ALL of my esaphagus and my tumor is in my lower esaphagus. Stage 2a. It has not spread anywhere eslse by CT scan. I thought that removing all my esaphagus was not right. I thought in my case they could leave the healthy part at the top and just remove the tumor and part that has the cancer. That was the other reason. I do plan to get surgery here at home ASAP.

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