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A friend goes into surgery tomorrow

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He has worked for my mom for about 7 years, has bena great guy. He has a wife and two teens and was so active and healthy this time last year. It was in the summer he found out he had mouth cancer and it was hard to believe since he is only 37, never smokes or drinks, and was in good health. He had a surgery to remove part of his tounge and mouth that there was cancer and radiation, but the cancer came back SO quick! Damn, I hate cancer! And the damn doctor told him he has two choices: live for 2, maybe 3 months with painkillers or have a surgery to remove his whole tounge and a lot of his mouth/jaw area. He chose the surgery, even though they say he won't be able to talk or eat again. And he has a 10% chance that he will never get it again......WTF?!!! Just had to vent....My grandparents died of cancer, too and I'll never get over that. I just want him and everyone else with any illness to get better, to live!

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I hope that all is well with your friend. My husband was 46 when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 tonsil, jaw and tongue cancer. He also had the radical surgery, radiation and chemo. It is now over 2 years with no reoccurance, so if he has survived the surgery, keep your chin up and PRAY!

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I hope he is ok now, this is the first time I have seen anything on these posts about smoking, and he is a non smoker, I have smoked for 30 years and I am looking at these sites to give me the motivation to give up. I had nodules removed from my voice box in 1998 and was told then to give up and still I smoke, just thought I may get some inspiration from this site but no go.

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