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Stage 1C, 3 rounds?

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I was diagnosed January 30, radical hysterectomy, left ovarian tumor bigger than a football that grew rapidly. Pain had started in December. The tumor burst while they were taking it out, lymph negative but some on my team say 3 rounds may be enough, no evidence to support 6 rounds being neccessary for stage 1C. Had round 2 on 3/23/04 and #3 scheduled for 4/13/04, after which they will do cat scan and CA125 and we go from there. From the little I've read so far in here, everyone is getting 6 rounds and I don't want to be a guinea pig to help prove or disprove some doctors point. Especially disprove! Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Sharon Rae,

I was dx with Stage 1C Feb. 2, and started treatment Feb. 9th. My onc. is an OVCA specialist and she felt 6 rounds was necessary, just to be safe. She was considering 3, but when my pathology came back (had to send it out for a 2nd opinion, as the original was a bit equivocal), she decided on 6. My tumor was grapefruit sized, and had ruptured within a mass of endometriosis. Nodes, surrounding organs, and washes were all clean.

I've been using an excellent book as my main resource, called Ovarian Cancer; Your Guide to Taking Control, by Kristine Conner & Lauren Langford. They discuss 3 vs. 6 in Chapter 7. There's probably some info on the web, as well.

Don't know if this is helpful, but I'd be happy to talk more. I'm looking for other Stage 1C fighters, too.


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Sharon, I too had stage 1C, back in March 2000. Radical hysterctomy, omentum, lymph nodes (clear at the time). Had 6 rounds of chemo. Have CA125 every 2 months, CT scan and chest x-ray every three at first, now every six. My oncologist is also very thorough, I trusted his judgement regarding the 6 rounds. Guess I'm just set on that because that's what he recommended, so I'm new to the 3-round theory. Hope you can get this resolved. And, of course, you will be in my prayers.

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Sharon, sorry to hear about your cancer. I had stage3c and recieved 8 rounds. I have heard of stage 1 getting 3 but think it depends on the type of cancer and if it had spread. If you are uncomfortable with your Drs recommendation I would suggest getting a second opinion. Have the clinic give you a printout of your the lab from your surgery and take it with you. Wishing you the best - God Bless - and keep us posted. BonnieRose

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I had Stage 1C, also, and 6 rounds (Stage 1B uterine, also). I was going to ask for the "short" route, but my ob/gyn (not the oncologist administering the chemo) strongly advised me to have the full 6 rounds, to get the best available. She said (and I've read) that it's best to get the cancer the first time. As has been suggested here, don't be afraid to get a second opinion, and don't be shy about asking for copies of any of your medical records to take along. The records belong to you!

Another thought is, you've probably lost all the hair you're going to, and you know how the chemo is affecting you, so is it so bad that you couldn't stand 6 rounds? I did get a little tired of it, but reflecting on the surgery and all, the chemo wasn't all that bad.

Above all, read and question, writed down questions, and keep notes on the answers! It's too much to depend on memory. Best of luck to you! Drop back to the board and let us know what happens!

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Hi Sharon! I had stage 3a ovarian cancer. My right ovary was just riddled with cancer. I had a total hysterectomy. Lymphnodes were negative as was a sterile wash of my abdominal cavity. However the cancer had spred to the fat pad that lines from your lungs to your pelvis. I had 6 rounds. When they originally thought I was stage 1 (when they thought it had been contained to that ovary) They told me I MAY have to have 6 rounds of chemo. I guess I would just suggest a second opinion. Maybe even the American Cancer Society could tell you if 3 rounds is common practice for stage 1c. I totally don't blame you for not wanting to be a guinea pig. Even question your doc about it again. Let him know your concerns with having only 3 rounds. Its better to be safe. Also he may be able to reassure you that 3 is all you need. Good luck. I hope you will keep us updated. Stay strong!!!

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Dear Sharon Rae,

I was dx Stage 1 C in April 01. My obgyn/onc, my longtime obgyn and my IM doctor (and childhood friend) all said to do the full 6 treatments. No hesitation. If you're going to do 3, what's another 3? It could be the difference between getting rid of all potentially remaining traces of cancer and recurrence. I would unequivocably recommend doing 6 rounds. I am 2 weeks shy of celebrating 3 years being cancer free and I have never, ever been sorry that I did 6 rounds. Just think of chemo as your friend -- it is killing any small trace of cancer!

Good luck.


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Hello! I, too had stage 1c ovarian cancer. I had six rounds of chemo. I had six opinions prior to giving in to chemo. All opinions were the sane - six treatments.

I am now in remission and feeling great.


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hello sharon. i am 17 and i was diagnosed last december with stage 1c cancer - as of march 7 i have completed my chemotherapy and my results say theres nothing but smooth sailing from now on. i also was sceduled to do three rounds of chemo - each three weeks in length. the tumors in each ovary were not bigger than golf balls so thatcould have played a part in how many rounds i recieved. my cancers were dysgerminoma and chirocarcinoma.

if you have any thing you want to talk about - any questions, or just someone to relate to - feel free to email me. i understand your feelings... remember you arent alone and you are BEAUTIFUL!

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