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foot pain after orchiectomy

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I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing foot pain after the orchiectomy. Its been a year and a half since mine and i still get it from time to time on the same side as the removed testicle.

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If the pain you are talking about feels like stabbing sensations, ants crawling on your feet, pins and needles, and/or coldness, it is probably peripheral neuropothy. From my understanding, this is a side effect of the chemo. My feet had very little feeling if any after chemo and then the feelings I described started. Over ten years later, my feet are a lot better but still get cold easy. Hey, it's better than the alternative.

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You know, I had pain that might be similar/ I had left foot pain on the left side...same as orchiectomy. It was a throbbing intermittent pain that could come on out of nowhere. Only thing that seemed to help was high dose NSAIDs. Haven't had the pain in a while...but was very weird for a while.

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i`m peruvian,my english isn`t very good,I have a similar feeling in the feet ,specially after been sitted much time ,they become cool,but when I stand up,it dissapears.I also have difficulties with the memory ,usually forget things i did a minutes ago.I finished the treatment about 3 years ago,including orchiectomy,i wanna know whether other people who experienced the same,have sintoms or not.If you know some chat,site of a doctor on line please email me.I`ll continue writing `cause i do periodical checkings of my status to prevent the cancer appears again

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