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i recently told you guys about spots on the liver that the doctor wasn't too concerned about. Well, here's another one. Last Friday I found a two inch lump just above my pelvic bone and the doctor ran no tests just poked around and said that it could be a small hernia starting. What else should I do? Do you think that I should find another doctor after two years? I feel like he is dragging his feet and so does my husband. When I go for my CT Scan next month, he says that he is going in the back with me because he is tired of hearing"let's just wait until next time and see what happens". I need some more advise, PLEASE!!!! Thanks, Michele


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    The first thing I would do is "RUN" to another doctor. I experienced something similar before I was diagnosed. I went to the doctor feeling tired. I had to ask for a blood test, thinking maybe I had thyroid problems. My test came back showing that I was anemic. Well, my "not so wonderful" doctor told me that we would just "watch it" for a while. I never understood how we would watch it but I did know that I never got better. I finally went to a new internist and he said that I looked too healthy to be anemic and he prescribed Zoloft for my pre-menopausal symptoms, well again I had to ask for a blood test. This time the tests came back VERY anemic. They rushed me to the gastro doc and he did a colonoscopy and voila, colon cancer!! You must insist on medical care, unfortunately and if you don't receive it, find a doctor who does care. They are out there. I don't know where you live but there are some wonderful cancer centers scattered all around the country. I live in San Antonio and our Cancer Therapy and Research Center is one of the best, plus we have MD Anderson.

    Find a doctor who cares!! Good luck.


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    Hi Michele, run, run to a doctor that cares. A doctor "watched" a lump on my sister's breast for 1 and one half years, than decided to look at it, yes, you are right, breast cancer. Do something, don't wait until it is too late. My husband, Hunt complain about his bowels, for one year, he was told it was his medicine (he had heart by-pass surgery) and the change to a more healthier diet that was causing his bowel to react. One year later he was dx stage 4 colon cancer. I read an article in a doctor's office saying don't let the doctor be responsible for your health. If you are not satisfied, find a doctor that gives you an answer. Go for it girl. God protect you in his loving arms. Yvonne
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    Please find another doctor. Went it comes to cancer, we should never "wait and see". I wish you all the luck in the world. Let us know what you decide.
    Judy H(grandma)
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    Hi Michele,

    I tend to agree with the others who have posted. If you don't feel confortable in the explanations, treatments, or actions of a doctor, you ought to seek other opinions medically. It's really difficult, as you're trying to find the best approach to conquer this disease, and would love for a qualified medical professional to take charge, and the result be perfect. It's hard to know when to move on and when to trust. In this case, I personally would feel better if another doctor looked at my medical records, as well as simply LISTENED to my concerns. Only then would I feel better about moving forward with that physician.

    Hope I helped, if even just a tiny bit!

  • Michele, make a dash for a new doctor. As another person on this board had already commented, a friend of mine whose husband has Hodgkins Lymphoma was watching a lump in her breast for two years, knowing that her sister and mother both had breast cancer. When he finally looked at it, you got it...it too was breast cancer and had invaded the ducts. She's on chemo now and not tolerating it very well at all.

    If you'll take a moment to read some of my previous posts, you'll find that we (my husband Bert and I) also switched to a new oncologist in January of this year. Not that his previous one was bad but somehow, and perhaps this is because he was overwhelmed through the HMO system, he never seemed quite in touch with what all was going on and would also have a tendency to say we'll see how you are doing next time. The new oncologist that we switched too is so on top of everything that he truly amazes me. This doc does not leave anything up to chance. He'd rather put us through one test after another to rule out all possibilities than wait around when waiting around can often result in being too late.
    Just my two cents worth.

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    Thank you all so very much!!! I have decided to find another doctor. I can't seem to stop having problems and finding spots. My family doctor found another spot but these are in my vagina. He said that they are polyps. Has anyone heard of these? What are they? He wants to biopsy these but he is waiting for my oncologist to call hime back. This was Friday and IO have not heard anything from him Still trying,though.