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RAI Questions

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I am scheduled for RAI (150Mci) on Monday, April 19th. My doctor said to be prepared to stay in the hospital through that Wednesday. Since I live 2 hours away, my best friend wants me to stay with her after the treatment, especially since I have to be back on the following Monday for my scan.

My concern is that she lives in a 1-bedroom apartment and I don't want to put her at any risk. The nurse said I would need to sleep on the couch, but what other precautions would I need to take? I am not sure how long it is after treatment before I can resume normal contact with other people. I did read that I can't be around children and older people for up to 2 weeks. She has a niece that comes to stay with her occasionally - are there any concerns of residual contamination if she came to the apartment even after I am gone? I feel like I'm being paranoid sometimes about this, but I don't know much about what I am about to go through and I really don't want to put anyone else at risk.

Thanks for any advice. It has been such a tremendous help to read all the messages here and to receive support from people who know exactly how I am feeling! Thank you all.

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Hi!I am a patient since 1988.In 1989 I received 100mci,in 1994 I needed another treatment so I received 125mci for both I was hospitalized but, last year I was given 152mci and I was sent home with instructions.I was isolated in one of my bedrooms for 5 days. In the bedroom I had plastic bags one to put the clothes I took off and the other to throw away the disposable cups and plates, since I have one bathroom, before I came out of the room I would let my kids know so they could go to the other room. In the bathroom I needed a bottle of clorox to clean the toilet and flush 3 times. It was horrible because I felt so sick the first 3 days and messing with clorox is not too fun.I told my dr that was the first and last treatment I take at home. I do not recomend
you stay with her you are suppose to be isolated
and it is strong you should talk to your dr or get another opinion about treatments at home. If you want to talk more you can e mail me at

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Hi, I had my RAI as an outpatient. I was required to keep at least a 6 ft distance from other adults and pets. Eat and drink using disposable plates/utensils. Not have ANY contact with pregnant women or children. Also, to flush the toilet at least 3 times after use and I had clorox wipes that I used to wipe down the toilet seat and the sink and faucets.

I also threw away my toothbrush about 2 weeks after my treatment to avoid residual radiation. Be sure to wash your clothes separate from other people's. If you have pets, you will have to stay away from them too, because their thyroids can absorb the radiation too.

When I went home after the clinic, I had to ride in the back seat of the car. My friend drove me home, but they suggested I be totally alone if possible===otherwise maintaining a 6 ft distance. My dose was 100 Mci, I had to board my pets for 5 days.

You should receive specific instructions when you go in for your RAI. I had to sign papers before I received my dose.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me directly at tmitch@amaonline.com


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