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sinus/nasal carcinoma

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In October 1999, in attempt in treat my "unresponsive sinus infection", my doctor sent me to see a local ENT doc. One look in my nose and he turned to his nurse and said -This patient is an office priority, have an immediate CAT scan and biopsy! Having been in excellent health as long as I can remember, I'm now 68, you can imagine my reaction. It was also the day of my last cigarette !Little did I know what was waiting for me.One week a month for three months, I had daily chemo, then everyday at home for another week my wife gave me a shot to build white cell count. After a couple of weeks rest I had daily radiation for 7 weeks, then another couple of weeks rest and then surgery. I am glad to say that the surgery will have been three years ago as of July 2, 2004 !!I have to say I could not have asked for better nursing care than that I received at Yale- New Haven Hospital in Connecticut.Dr Cooper, my oncoligist was as determined as I to fight for me. The whole medical team was supportive and encouraging. I am sure the prayer groups that were also on my side made my experience more endurable- it certainly gave my wife and I cause to review our priorities.My sister died as a result of colon cancer, my mother was diagnosed and treated for colon cancer in her 70's and lived till 102, my two brothers have both been diagnosed with prostrate cancer.Should I consider myself fortunate we caught mine when we did? I think so

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Dear friend,
I am 54 and have been battling Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma from 1997 when the first tumor appeared from under my left upper lip. It has been a horror story that would take much time to share. I have had 3 recurrences since '97. I have lost my nose (nov 2000) and part of my palatte and 4 teeth (jun 2002). As far as I know, I am presently clean. Am presently under the care of Dr. Lawrence Marentette of U of M in Ann Arbor Michigan.
If you would like to talk more, you may reach me at Rhinonixx@aol.com
God Bless,

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i am looking for people just like yourself. my husband was just told he had nasal carcinoma and are talking about removing his nose and is not sure what level we are facing!!! looking for support and someone like yourself that has been through treatment. treatments are starting to sound as bad as the cancer it self. our email is amarleaux2@earthlink.net please contact for support

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my daughter was having headaches so i wanted scans done because of my family history. dad died at 48 of brain anurysm. they found a tumor on her left emthnoid sinus. it came back as adencarcinoma.we now are on her 3 surgery within a year . they didnt want her to have any radiation or kemo due to her age but the doc. here are stumped over this tumor. they dont uderstand it.good luck and please keep us up dated on your finding. mar.

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im not sure what the difference from nasal cancer and nasopharygral cancer. Both in the nasal area. I Im also a survivor but what a large price I have to suffer today brcause of the aggressive radiation treatment. Unbearable at times. Congradulations on your recovery. You have a new chance at life. I havent found out yet why I ended up with so much damage.

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