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Non Smokers With Lung Cancer

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I need some information on cancer survivors who got their cancer from second hand smoke. This is very vital to me passing my speech class. I will use this information to covince people that smoking in public places should be banned because it's bad for other people's health. Please Help me. (A story of your discovery of your lung cancer and your survival of it would be nice).

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NCala, first let me say that you should do your own research and not at the expence of someone suffering from this dreaded disease. YOu don't have to smoke to get lung cancer, you don't have to be around second hand smoke either!!! In fact , alot of women get it who have never smoked or around smokers. It would be nice to talk to a survivor, but why don't you do some research as to the fact that they don't want a cure as suggested in the , Fortune 500 magazine article because this disease is big business. I think that money spent on trying to find a cure is much better than fighting public smoking.I have small cell lung cancer and according to my oncologist , in his opinion was from diesel fumes. I am a survivor,and am just glad to be alive and don't care about people smoking in public places. They can manage that problem, but why is all the cures or advances in this dreaded disease always from outside of the United States? because of the FDA and their backwards views on research and discovery at the expense of cancer patients!!! Yes I am mad because they treated my inoperable cancer with 15 year old treatment , ? Can you believe there are no new advancements ? nor can I , please don't argue and old arguement but argue for advancement in research in the United States. Mike

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I agree with you entirely here. Can you tell me if you ever had a recurrence? I am facing that right now with my 48 year old mom who is in otherwise "excellant" health. Unfortunatley as you know they say there is nothing they can do for recurrence they just try to keep up the quality of life/ I was wondering what you did, prayer, alternative meds, trials??
ANy help would be appreciated and I will add you to my prayer list!

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