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In remission...but now my liver's acting up!

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I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a year and a half ago. They thought it was just an ovarian cyst, but turned out to be stage 1 cancer. I had 6 treatments of chemo...Taxol and Carboplatin. I have sailed through everything, and now at my last check up with the oncologist, he says my liver enzymes are six times the norm! So I am having a CT scan, more bloodwork, a visit to a liver specialist, etc. It is frightening to think the cancer might have returned! Anyone know anything about liver enzymes and what else it could be?? Scared but trying to keep up hope...jemakri in California

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Dear Jemakri,

I am glad you are keeping close tabs on things. It is so scarey when any of our numbers are out of the normal range.

Lots of things can cause elevated Liver Enzymes. Personally mine shot up when my Gall Bladder was inflamed. Lets assume it is something that simple but keep us posted on what you find out. Ya know we all worry about each other here.

Prayers & Hugs for you!

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