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Radical Hysterectomy Decision

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I was diagnosed with uterine cancer after it metastasized. The gynecological oncologist did a biopsy of the tumor, but decided against a hysterectomy. He wanted me to start chemotherapy immediately. The chemo put the cancer in remission. Now I am watching and waiting. Doctors seem split on whether to do a hysterectomy. When I am strong enough I want to undergo the surgery. Is there anyone else who is in a similar situation or faced a similar decision with ovarian cancer? Is there anyone who still has their ovaries after treatment? I am puzzled by the doctor's hesitation and hope you can shed some light from your own experiences. Thank you for your help.

Best wishes & God Bless,


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Dear LadyBug,

Who did your surgery -- an obgyn or a gyne onc surgeon? What stage was your cancer?

I was dx with Stage 1 ovarian cancer in April 01. AT the time, a hysterectomy was not performed because the cancer was contained within one ovary, it was a surprise to find it so I hadn't even met with the gyne surgeon and I was getting married in two months. I had 6 rounds of chemo - carbo/taxol. About 10 months after chemo, I went in for an elective complete hysterectomy. My feeling was and is if you're not going to use the equipment, take it out!

Good luck.


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Dear pshnyc,

Thank you for sharing your experience. My uterine cancer is stage IV. A gyne onc surgeon performed the biopsy. It guess it was wise to delay surgery. It was too late to contain it. 5 rounds of Taxol/Carbo put it into remission. Tumor markers look good. Uterus looks normal on ct-scan. Even if the tumor is dead, I want it out. The onc is in no hurry to do a hysterectomy. He left it as a future option. I hope another opinion will help. It is good to know that someone else did the treatment before the surgery. Thank You.

Best Wishes,

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