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Help for an annoying drip???

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Hi all,
One of the minor, but very annoying and painful, side effects from my chemo is a leaky nose (in addition to simultaneously being very dry!). The constant drip has irritated the heck out of the end of my nose, to the point where it is cracked and red and hurts like heck to blow (every 10 minutes). Vaseline doesn't do it; I'm now using triple paste diaper rash cream. (I know it's meant for my hinder area, but I'm desparate!) I use normal saline nose spray also. Any tips for my sore honker would be appreciated. (In the grand scheme of things, this IS a minor complaint). Thanks, Judy

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Hi Judy, I don't have any answers, my husband is experiencing the same, all day and alnight. Doctor said use nose spray (Afrin) didn't help. Maybe someone has tried something that works. May be minor, but with cancer, we never know. Yvonne

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Hi Judy: for the external portions of your discomfort, you might try mentholatum- I get some
relief from it, and Calmoseptine Ointment is a good moisture barrier/healing ointment.. Bud

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I didn't have the drip, but my nose was red and chapped, all around my nose and down my smile lines. It was also on the outer edge of my left eye and a spot on the bridge of my nose(also left side) where eye glasses would sit. My doc said she thought it was a chemical peel from Oxali/5FU. So I figure I got a free facial! It was a round about way to get it, but I always try to find the positive. I just kept it well moisturized with my daily/nightly face cream. I've been finished with treatments for a month and most of it is gone, just a little red and itchy sometimes.
Good luck and take care,

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Oh... your nose... After reading the title of your post, I thought it was about ME!

Do people ever wonder just how you got hinder cream on your nose? Do you have a pending promotion or evaluation which might be a possible cause of this rather interesting circumstance?

Later, Judy. (or should I say brown-nose?)

- SB

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Judy, can't help you with that except to say that Bert experiences some of this too. No drying, just sniffels. Fortunately, it's usually only about 4 to 5 days after treatment for him...then it goes away until the next treatment. He puts Bag Balm on the area at night...just to keep irritation away. So far, so good...but nothing for the sniffels.


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