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CA125 results

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Hello everyone, I got the lab results in the mail and they went up some more, but are still in the normal range. If you remember they had tripled in a 3 month period and the docs wanted me to stop for another test. In a 3 week period they only went up 3 more. I haven't heard from the Drs yet. Thursday is clinic day and Friday is surgery day so I figure one of the fellows will call next week. I left a self addressed envelope with the lab to mail me my results. (I wasn't a little anxious huh?) Just wanted to let you know what has happened. I am hoping they'll put me on a monthly check for a while again just to be watchful. I hope you are all doing well. Take Care and God Bless Bonnie

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Bonnie: I understand your concern on the consistent CA125 rise. My went last month from my normal 17 to 22. My doctor is not concerned at this point. Anyway, thanks for keeping us informed, and you are still in our prayers!

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