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eating problems

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good morning, i am my husbands caregiver. he was diag. in sept. had rad & chemo in oct. surg. in dec. chemo & rad in feb. he has had his j-tube in since dec.10. and they are talking of removing it in april. he still cannot eat well. nothing wants to go down he has alot of phelm still coming up. he carries his spitty cup all day. very weak, tired, but my main concern is his inabilty to swallow. he was dialated once already. he takes iressa daily, thats all, alittle morphin at night. please help.

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Here is my opinion. Sometimes words sound harsher in print then they are meant to, and believe me I am not trying to be mean spirited or critical, but just provide one viewpoint. Before I got started on my chem/rad/surg they put a j-tube in my stomach. I fought them on it and lost that fight so they put it in anyway. During practices with feeding of the various liquids I found that for whatever reason I couldn

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It may be he needs another dilation. I had three within three months after surgery. The third one seemed to do the trick. I found that eating got increasingly better the farther from the chemo and radiation I got. Talk to your doctors. Don't be afraid to let them know your fears.

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Hi!! My huband went through esophagectomy in April and i would like to know what to expect after the surgery. would u be kind enough to share some info with me?

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