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I am 39 yr old and have been battling ovarian cancer for last ten years...Was diagnosed in july 94 with stage III ovarian cancer, had hysterectomy, and six months cysplatin...in 01 had second and third look surgery for rising CA 125, took 18 months carbo/also taxol last six of those...had a 8 mo break now started doxil this month...Has anyone here had doxil? Wondered how well it worked for you? Also has anyone used what they call a Essiac Tea? Heard this is very effective during chemo to help body to heal itself...Well always love to chat to any and all...Hugs and God Bless you all


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Tina: I'm sorry to hear how much you have gone through these past 10 years. And I don't know anything about Doxil. I've heard of Essiac Tea but don't know much about it. However, I drink Fluoressence Tea by Flora which also has anti-cancer properties. You have to brew it. You can also get it in a jar and just take a few tablespoons a day, but it is more expensive. It comes from Canada, so maybe you can look it up on the internet to get more info.

I certainly wish you well and will be praying for you. I too had OVCA, Stage 1C, in March 2000. Total hyst, omentum, lymph nodes, Taxol, Carboplatin, blood work every 2 months, CT's and chest x-rays every 3-6 months. So far, no recurrence. But, as you know, we will always live with this. So the best we can do is enjoy the moment and live one day at a time. God Bless You!

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Hello Monika thanks for the info will have to check it out! I know anything that we can take to help our healthy cells to thrive is always good...Continued good luck on your cancer journey...

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Hi Tina, I started on Doxil back in 2002 after being on Taxol/Carbo for six rounds and second look surgery finding microscopic cancer cells. Six rounds of Doxil dropped my numbers to single digits. I was "cancer free" until September 03 and was put on Topotecan. It wasn't working so I started back on Doxil just this week. My body seems to handle it pretty well. Be really careful with hot water and whatever you do, don't rub your skin hard if it itches. My hair actually grew the last time I was on it. We'll see if it happens again. The only other problems I have with Doxil are mouth sores, which my doctor gives me mouthwash for and joint pains. Ibuprofen works fine for now.
Have not heard of Essiac tea but will be researching it since you mentioned it.

Hope you do well with the Doxil. I am here if you need me. Hang in there and God Bless


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