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Possible osteosarcoma??

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I know no one here can diagnose a bone cancer, but i'm having trouble with military doctors. They are all very unsure and won't make many moves in terms of tests, etc. I got a stress fracture in each tibia about 2 or 3 months ago. Neither have healed yet, and just recently the outer side of my tibia's started aching really badly and having some swelling. The right inside stress fracture had swelling as well at first. I got an X ray -- but it seems that these other ones aren't showing up, which doesn't surprise me because my left fracture only showed up on bone scan. The trouble is, i have only been walking around. No exercise, no dance, etc. Even if my bone isn't fractured, isn't the sweeling unusual? It does hurt much more at night. The past three nights have gotten progressively worse. I also feel really weak sometimes, and just kind of "off." I'm sorry to bother you guys in here, but i'm just not getting any clue from my doctors. thanks!

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While my niece was just diagnosed with this disease a few weeks ago, I feel as if I've become an expert overnight. It is important for prompt diagnosis so you can "catch" the cancer before it spreads. I would insist on these tests. Remember, you are your only advocate. Hopefully everything will come out okay, but do not wait. There are also simple blood tests that can be performed to see if there is cancer in your blood (this can indicate cancer elsewhere in the body). If nothing else, have them perform one of these. Good luck!

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I am also in the military, and had alot of problems finding out what was wrong with me. From the time I began to hurt until I was diagnosed was about 11 months. The doctors did simliar testing to me. The bone scan doesnt really tell much so it was followed by a ct scan. Apparently that didnt tell much either. So they proceded with mri's. That gave them a little better picture of what they were looking at. Final diagnosis didnt come until it was biopsied. Blood testing didnt tell them anything. I was finally diagnosed with a osteo sarcoma in my left lateral cuniform (a bone in the foot). Dont be affraid to continue complaining, it took me almost a year. Thank God at the time of discovery it hadnt spread. Also make sure that every time that you go to medical that it is documented and entered into your med record. Continue to press the issue, you are the only one who knows how bad you hurt. I truly hope that it is a fracture. Good luck

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My daughter was diagnosed with an mri. Find a good radiologist. Every other doctor said she didn't fit the profile for OS but she had it. Mri followed by biopsy. The doctor who did thebiopsy knew enough to know he didn't know enough and sent the tissue elsewhere. It's a pediatric cancer that seems to be appearing in young adults more and more often. Don't wait. Argue until you get the answers you need. OS travels to the lungs next. I hope you have a negative result but if not remember that there is an 80 % cure rate and you usually don't need amputation if it is caught soon enough. Good Luck

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i was diagnosed in may of 1996 after a benign tumor discovered in late 1993 turned malignant. Persistance is your best chance at getting answers. There is always a way to get around seeing only military physicians especially with something like this. Don't give up! My tumor was seen on a x-ray and an mri confirmed it. A biopsy is the only sure way to determine tumor pathology. Keep asking questions and don't settle on one doctor. I had to go to several before anyone would take my pain seriously. And if it is osteosarcoma the survival rate has drastically increased over the years. Based on my pre-op and post-op chemo and limb salvage surgery I had a cure rate of about 95%. I only have a 5% chance for reaccurance, not to shabby huh. I wish you the best of luck. write me if you have any questions char1970@nycap.rr.com

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How is it that a benign tumor can change into osteosarcoma? My husband was told by his doctor that benign tumors don't become malignant tumors, yet that is what happened 2 months after the doctor said it!! What was benign, is now osteosarcoma, and I'm wondering how many other people have had this experience? Maybe they need to rewrite the medical books!!

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Dear snoonie68,
Having just read your message, I must tell you that I went 14 years with the so-called begnign tumor on my left iliac crest. The doctors would scan me every 6 months and I was told not to worry about it. Finally, they decided not to even watch it anymore. And, like so many of you know, it did become malignant and had spread to my muscles etc. I had a hemipelvectomy in Feb. 2004 with limb salvaging surgery. To date I am unable to walk but am trying awful hard to. As an RN my days of working on the hospital floor are over, but there must be a new plan for my life. I would really love to hear if others were able to walk after this surgery. Thanks very much.

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