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Eloxatin (oxaliplatin) Help Wanted

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Hello: as some of you may have read my postings, my hubby Hunt was dx with stage 4 colon cancer. Operated on, larger tumor removed, mets to liver and 17 out of 18 lymph nodes tested positive. On 18 treatments of camptosar, 5-FU and Lu, and was clear for 45 days, it returned very aggressive... CEA 24.5 and several spots on liver. He has just completed the regiment of oxaliplatin (something like 55 hours of continuous treatment including 5-FU an LU. He is scheduled for CAT scan March 19. We have spoke to one person who "knows" someone that has been on this treatment and it did not go any good. We have not talked to anyone, nor has our onc. nurse had anyone complete this treatment to know the results. So... you know what I need to hear..... positive input, someone that has had this treatment and received good results. I am so afraid, but do not want my hubby to know my thoughts as he is so positive. He is so brave and tells me that God will provide. He has tolerated the treatments (except for being very tired) very well and friends and family can not believe how well he looks and acts. I read most of the posting and get so much encouragement from you. It is just that getting closer to testing I get so afraid of the results. Our onc. did not react too much to the CEA and lymph nodes, but the spots on the liver alarmed her. We have been fighting this for one year, and I have rambled on enough,just nervous about the up coming test. God Bless each one of you and your families. Yvonne

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Hello! As a survivor of 2 years I have to tell you that it is very important not to listen to negative talk by anyone. For one thing, just because the oxy did not work for that "friend of a friend" does not mean that your husband will not respond wonderfully to it. I have been told this by a good friend of mine and maybe it will help you too. Every time you think "What if he dies..." try to turn that thought into "What if he lives!" Obviously he has no intention of letting this get the better of him. So that is the attitude that you need to try to have too. I know how scary it is! I am in "limbo" right now myself, waiting to have another CT scan in May. Recently 2 very minute nodules were seen on my CT scan (on my lung). This was followed by a PET scan which was inconclusive. So they do not know if I am having a recurrence or not at this point. If nothing changes, they assume it is not cancer. I have only had the Camptosar so far, so I do not have experience w/ Oxy (I hope I don't have to), but I hope that your husbands treatment is successful. Is he a candidate for surgery? Was that the goal of the chemo? Just wondering. Hang in there! Love, Susan

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I understand all the side effects and i started today, i will have 8 treatments, two times a month. I was wondering does this drug cause hair loss or thinning?

I don't see anything in the paperwork, but the chemo nurse said yes. I already had 5fu and had some thinning. And now with these two drugs i have the drip twice a month for 8 treatments like i said and then i go home with the 5fu for two days, i do this every other month. Please advise on if the two new drugs give hair thinning?

please reply to cheeks917@comcast.net I don't check this watch.

Thank you, hope to hear from you soon

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Hi Yvonne,
I'm sorry not to have info re oxaliplatin, but I was touched by your concern for your husband and wanting to be strong for him. Having support of family has been so important for me, I'm sure it must make all the difference for your husband, too. I'm hoping you get good results from the upcoming scan. Judy

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Ahoy, Yvonne -

Haven't had the oxi treatment, so I can't give you a personal anecdote to encourage you. Regarding the folks that didn't see any improvement from their regime of oxi - remember that just as chemo affects different people differently as far as symptoms go, so too with the therapeutic effects. Not everything works for everyone. But, the FDA certainly would not have legalized the use of oxi to fight cancer if there was not clinical proof that it does work.

You husband has a good attitude. Try to share his optimism. there is a Plan for each of us - and we're set to follow it wherever it may lead.

Keeping you and Hunt in my thoughts and prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Yvonne- As others have said do not let one person's negative report cloud your life. It is true that some people do not respond, but a high number of people do, including me.

I was diagnosed Stage 4 at surgery 9/02 when they found metastasis not only to local lymph nodes but also to the pertitoneal cavity. I was put on oxaliplatin/5FU leucovorin for 6 treatments, and was taken back to surgery. The peritoneal metastasis were no longer visible. Chemo did not eliminate my tumor completely- there was still some tumor in a couple of my lymph nodes and my ovary, and unfortunately, despite surgery, it came back in more lymph nodes, shortly after this second surgery. My oncologist did not think I would respond again to oxaliplatin because the tumor had come back within 5 mth of stopping oxaliplatin. Others who my oncologist referred me to for evaluation for clinical trials disagreed and thought there was a possibility I would respond again. I started back on oxaliplatin/Xeloda (the oral drug similar to 5-FU also called capcitabine)4 wks later by which time I was coughing badly and had developed liver metastasis. In 8 wks my lymph nodes shrunk markedly, and by 16 wks my liver metastasis were no longer visible on CT. I am still on oxaliplatin since 6/03 and my CT scans remain stable.

My oncologist is considering switching me to Avastin, now that it is available to give me a break from oxaliplatin since I am developing some decreased sensation in the tips of my fingers and bottoms of my feet. otherwise I am tolerating treatment well.

My prayers that you have a great report.


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Keep the positive thoughts. My hubby also was dx with stage 4 with mets to liver, lung and 6 of 14 nodes. He had surgery which is what confirmed the spread. primary colon cancer was removed Sept 21, 2003 and he began chemo on oct 21, 2003 which was oxilaplatin and xeloda. His liver tumor was 5cm when he began with a CEA level of 624! After 6 treatments the tumor shrunk to a 1.5cm and his CEA was 39! The treatment was working!!! Everyone has different side effects and according to onc dr. most of hubby's nausea (sp?) was nerves (go figure!) anyway dr. reduced him to just the Xeloda for three more treatments to see how that goes. He began #8 yesterday with absolutely NO side effects just a little tired. We are packing our RV as we speak (type) and are preparing for a one week vacation to Tennessee starting Friday while he is on Xeloda!! He will have another CAT scan in late April to see how things are going. We figure all is well as he is SO good! You will learn to live one day at a time in 3 month intervals! It's not that bad after you learn to live with things. Keep the faith and do something for yourself too don't forget YOU! Best of all don't forget US. We are always here for you and it is a blessing to us all that this room is available to vent and find out information. God Bless you and your hubby. Stay in touch.

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I finished my treatments of oxali/5fu/luc in February after surgery in June. I went in for surgery thinking I was just having a cyst removed from my ovary. I ended up have a hysterectomy and a bowel resection. The cancer had started in my colon. I am 39 and have no family history of colon cancer. I had a chest x-ray last month, everything is fine. I had a PET scan on Tuesday and am waiting for the results. The waiting is difficult, but I keep positive.
Every doctor I went to regarding my condition strongly urged all my family members to have a colonoscopy. They all did, they are all fine. I have two friends with colon cancer family history, their doctors told them they had nothing to worry about because they are too young to be concerned about it. Reading about everybody's stories on this site certainly proves that is not true. They are going to be more aggessive with their doctors.
I send you lots of positive energy.
Take care,

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Dear schoolgirl,
I was diagnosed with stage3 metastatic colon cancer on 12/03. The tumor was located on my appendix. It spread to my reproductive organs.
I had a complete hysterectomy in Nov.03 and then on 1/28/04 I had an appendectomy to remove the tumor ( which was small ) and they reomved 25% of my right colon. I just started 5fu/oxy/luc on 3/1.
My regimen is 3days a week in the hospital every other week, plus radiation therapy 5x a week.
I have only had 2 treatments so far. My onc says he is going for a cure. I am in a complete state of remission now, but there's always the chance that cancerous cells are lurking around the bend waiting to become tumors. I cannot remark on the end results yet, because I have to have the chemo treatment for 1 yr. but I am very prayful in my healing. I would like to reccommend a free magazine subscription to " Cure". Not sure if youve heard about it. but it is very very good.
the spring edition has a complete article on colon cancer, all the treatments and new treatments as well. You can just call 800-210-cure and subscribe for free. You will find very informative. Be of good courage, schoolgirl.and above all trust in God. If you need anything, please let me know. I will do my very best to help with anything I can..

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