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my moms depression

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My mom has had lung cancer for the past three years she has been taking a new chemo treatment for the last year every 3 weeks it is working---however she has been left with side affects and most of all extreme depression I just dont know how to help her she says she feels so alone she is in therapy but it isnt helping its like shes been given a second chance at life but cant pull her self out of this any suggestions i just feel so helpless

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See if you can get her to this website into the section for lung cancer. I am almost a year without cancer and JUST found this network a few weeks ago; you would not believe the difference it has made. I only wish I had found it earlier. People will respond with warmth, love and a caring that is so different from that of family and friends (although NEVER to take away from THAT support; we rely on it daily) because they know EXACTLY how you're feeling, what you're going through, and give advice that can make quite a difference not only emotionally, but in many other ways. And you should stay here at this site and visit as often as you can. It will be the best thing that both of you can do. Try it? Bless you, Victoria (my mom is a three-time cancer survivor, and is going to celebrate her 80th birthday next week!) Keep faith.

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