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Adenocarcinoma stomach cancer

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I have round and round with my doc's on what i have. after 9 months of chemo and surgery of taking 80% out. They say I have Adenocarcinoma which is a jello type stuff in but some of it hard. I ask them can i have two different kinds?
no answer. I go to OSU med for surgery and my home town doc for chemo. Im on 5fu now . Im going to talk to the chemo doc at OSU to get a better idea or more confused? My email is danmil17@ameritech.net on any info
thanks we are all on Gods hands
My prayers are with you all
I also had 15 years ago Testicular cancer stage right side followed by radition. to bad my grandparents couldnt had a skin rash instead. ha!!!

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If you want to ask your questions to a group of stomach cancer survivors and care givers, there is a list group sponsored by ACOR. Go to WWW.ACOR.org and search for the stomach cancer list. Then subscribe to that list. It is a good free service. There are thoughtful helpful people who will respond to your questions. I, too had adenocarcinoma of the stomach/esophagus - never heard anything about it being jell - like. Mine was found as a bleeding ulcer.

Blessings on your journey

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can you email me please.
I'd really like to talk to you

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Hi I really would like to chat with you Only for the fact that my mother has the same type of cancer and I would like to know what other alternatives have you sought?

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This is my first time talking to anyone about the cancer my mother is going through,that is online,I've never been in a chat room,just don't have the time. My mother has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and it was to advanced to operate,she went through 4 treatments texatere,5fu and cisplatin,sorry if my spelling isn't accurate.Confusion is how, i think, the doctors like to keep things.The catscan she took came up negative and that was after the 2nd treatment,but now after the 4th,the markers are increasing. Another catscan and there is fluid in the abdomen. Now they are saying the cancer has infultrated into the stomach lining and now she is on a new treatment FDA appoved for rectal/colon cancer,but has good results for stomach cancer patients. The doctor says that he has high hopes.She starts tomorrow. This chemo is ELOXATIN W/5FU. Do you know of this or has your doctor mentioned this option to you. It is hard to get answers.
My heart and soul goes out to patients,caregivers,and family members for this is the biggest challenge that can come your way while on this earth.When you are fighting for your life.
God be with you all.

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Hi emare
My mom is also diagnosed with stage4 stomach cancer.She is 49 years old. She got operated in sep 2003. She has taken 4 rounds of chemo and then stopped. From past one month her tumor markers are increasing.
You are not alone in this long journey. Hope everything will be fine . Take care.

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I might have spoken to you in the chat room. My husband and I are from small town ohio also. He had his entire stomach removed in Jan. He is now on his second phase of treatment with chemo/radiation. I think this phase is very brutal as at this point in time he is on TPN and can't eat. He is going back monday for his final three chemo/radiation treatments. He had his surgery done at OSU. Which Doc there did your surgery? You can e mail me if you want to

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