Chemo & Stoma Ulcers

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Is there anyone out there who has a colostomy and is/was on Oxal/5fu & developed stoma ulcers? I am developing ulcers on the stoma, and a white ring around the outer peristomal skin, and wondering what can be done to minimize/prevent this problem..this is only my 3rd round, & it will likely get worse. Bud


  • KrisS
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    I have only had a few episodes of minimal bleeding.

    My onocologist has reduced my dose of Xeloda twice, once when I developed blisters on my feet and recently when I got a bit of bleeding near my stoma and blood in my urine. Although I have not had problems, apparently yeast infections can cause white spots on the peristomal skin. These are things I suspect you should let your oncologist know about/check out before your next treatment.

  • bryancarson
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    When I changed my wafer, I allowed the skin to dry completely and used a lotion to soften the skin around the stoma. Good Luck. You sound miserable and I can relate.