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I usually get better answers here, then refine my
questions for the Onc..
so here goes; after much prodding, they advised me that the lab is just now sending current-(2months ago) lung biopsy slides to the pathology lab that removed my cc tumor 3 years ago for comparisons of the lung nodes with the original colon cancer. Isn't this something that is done immediately?
And, when do they do scans after starting chemo?
the onc says PET scan for total body would be skewed because of the chemo, and colonoscopy is OK
now that I've had 3 rounds of chemo..(?) When is a
CT warranted?

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I had a CT before my chemo started, then I had a CT after it was completely over. Then, I had a third CT at my 1 year follow up. I was stage 3 and don't know if that would make any difference. But, as long as the chemo was being administerd, they weren't worried about doing any CT's

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I am going on 9 months of treatment for my colon cancer. My tumor was removed surgically from colon immediately upon diagnosis but I already had mets to the liver and that has been our focus. I have had two CT scans and chest x-rays since then and will be having another in a few weeks to see where we stand.

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My oncologist orders a CT scan after having 3 treatments of the Oxal/5FU. I've finished 6 treatments so far and have had 2 CT scans.

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I had a CT and PET before my treatments began. My treatments have been finished for about a month and I'm going for a PET tomorrow. MY onc didn't see a need for a CT because the PET is more accurate. I will have another PET in 6 months.
Hope you're feeling better and hang in there. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, keep searching,
Take care,

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Both oncologists that gave me oxaliplatin rescanned me after 4 treatments (2 mths). I have not had another PET scan since before I had surgery because they can still see disease on my CT.

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